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Sunday, 24 June 2007

HOGS rule Costa roads

These weren't the the usual brainless Costa del Sol boy racer road hogs but genuine Harley Owner Group bikers from all over Europe including a couple from the USA.

Eight thousand of them got together this weekend and using Fuengirola as their base cruised majestically in and out of the towns on the coast. Wherever you were you could hear the rumble of big V twin motors.

A lot of the Harleys were trucked down in massive transporters whilst other bikers rode for up to three days from all corners of Europe to get down to the hot late spring sun of the Costa del Sol.

You could see gleaming customised bikes resting on side stands outside luxury hotels in Marbella, on every corner in Puerto Banus and as far inland as Ronda.

Police led a two thousand strong procession of Harleys through Fuengirola to kick start the weekend and there were stunts, demonstrations and outings for the three days.

As I drove home, just as I got to the bridge over the Rio Real golf course just before Marbella, I was overtaken on the tight bend by a HOG biker
hanging from high rise ape hanger handle bars on a stripped down highly chromed Easy Rider bike.

Just behind him was a low low gleaming customised yellow Harley ridden by a girl biker with her blonde hair streaming behind in the wind from her black helmet. I managed to wind the window down to listen to their throbbing bikes just as another giant Harley with tassels and flags flying pulled past me with an enormous Harley biker astride. What a way to go.

You can do it too! Come on down to the Costa del Sol, hire a Harley and feel like a king for a day!

Friday, 8 June 2007

¡Es la feria!

It's feria week in Marbella this week. Exactly at 12 midday every day during the feria, the music starts and the dancing begins in the Alameda Park in the very heart of Marbella.

On the 11th June we are celebrating dia de San Bernabe, the patron saint of Marbella. Every village, town or city in Spain has a saints day during the year and the celebrations go on for a week.

Banks work shorter hours, offices and warehouses close earlier and certainly on Friday afternoons. You wouldn't phone anyone else in Marbella to ask for the money you are owed and equally you can be sure that nobody (at least from Marbella) is going to phone you to ask for money.

Celia on the left posed her friends for me. I was lucky to get the picture because normally the guys hold onto their girls when they are dressed up in their flamenco dresses. Perhaps the men were having a cold beer and talking football at one of the nearby refreshment tents.

The feria starts with fireworks on Tuesday evening and then the feria de día takes place every day after that. At night there is a big attraction park for the kids with more dancing and fun until 3 or 4 in the morning.

If you still have the energy at the weekend, on Saturday you'll go through from midday to 7pm in the hot sun, dancing Sevillanas, drinking mojitos and singing the latest summer song. You'll meet all your old school friends who will have come back from all over Spain just for this weekend. At 7pm the street sweepers move in. By 9pm it's spotless and ready for you to do it all again on Sunday and again Monday which is a holiday! On Tuesday it's back to work.

Come on down! It's feria week in Marbella!