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Saturday, 21 July 2007

The Rain in Spain

My daughter in London sent me this photo yesterday afternoon. I had the air-conditioning on here in Marbella and the blinds were down to shut out the afternoon sun when the picture came through. It was really hot outside on our terrace in the afternoon heat of southern Spain.

Every time I visit London I take my grandson Sam on foot under this railway bridge and we head for Battersea Park. Next time I am across in London, there might even be flood water level markings on the walls.

Sitting in the cool of our apartment watching flood warnings, trapped motorists and helicopter rescues across Britain it was difficult not to feel detached, as if this was happening in Bangladesh or somewhere in South America.

Is this a result of global warming? If it isn't, why not play safe anyway and take just that bit more care of our planet wherever you are?

If you pass me the remote for my air con system I'll turn it down to save electricity. But only one degree mind you.

Oh! Yes and thank you for asking, my daughter's kitchen did get flooded that same afternoon.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Mexican braves Costa roads

Last week I was near Dunnes Store in Fuengirola when I heard the sound of Mariachi music pumping out just behind me in the car park. Looking round I saw Jorge parking his rig.

He was more than happy to pose for me and we had a good chat in the shade of the shopping centre. Jorge is from Monthlery in Mexico and has been on the road for two years now.

Biking up through the USA he crossed to England then pedalled up to Norway before making his way down through Germany, France and then right down to the south of Spain to the Costa del Sol where he is staying till the end of summer.

His bike carries a great sound system powered by a small generator and a GPS navigation system sits just above the front wheel. He tows all his belongings behind him in a streamlined shell.

I told him of my worries for his personal safety everytime he gets onto the roads on the coast but he laughed saying "I've got eyes in the back of my head!"

Jorge will need that extra pair of eyes. The standard of driving on the coast is not high. Next time you get behind the wheel of your rented car on the coast, don't expect the courtesy of and patience from other drivers that you normally get in a city in the UK for example. Rather prepare yourself for impatience, intolerance, unexpected manoeuvres and minimal road sense and you'll stay alive much longer.

Oh and look out for Jorge too. Having cycled all this way he needs all the help we can give him to get back to Mexico in one piece