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Friday, 20 June 2008

Bruce Springsteen in Dusseldorf

Me: "Woooooooooow!" together with 38 000 other fans.

For more than 20 years I've listened to The Boss on LPs, cassettes, CDs, watched him on DVDs and TV and then there he was live on giant screens with his voice driving out at a million watts from towering speaker stacks.

I'm glad to share this experience with you even if just to prove I have a life between photographing bus stops. A quick trip taking in London, Stratford on Avon and then on to Dusseldorf to see him live at the LTU stadium next to the airport.

I've seen Freddy Mercury, Tina Turner, Rod Stewart, Julio Iglesias and others in the Marbella football stadium but this rock concert was life changingly different. We had comfortable leather seats but I can only remember sitting down once. Maybe it was the hospitality suite just behind us and being welcomed on a red carpet from the car just below our seats. Perhaps it was the non stop refreshments together with the great company we were in. It might have been the brilliant camera work or the fact that the German fans knew every word in English. Most likely it was everything together with the brilliance of Bruce's performance and his enormous drive and energy during the 3 hour concert. Life just isn't going to be the same again!

Ryanair brought us back to Malaga from Dusseldorf (Weeze), our car was waiting in the free parking at the end of the airport and by 8.30 we were home.

STOP PRESS: Fast foward to July 7th at 5pm on a hot afternoon I was just getting into my car after taking photos from the
Miraflores bus stop from the footbridge and the announcer on the local Spanish radio station said "It's only two and a half hours until Bruce Springsteen is on stage in Santander this evening" I looked at my watch and I could probably just have made it. A wild dash to Malaga airport departures and a 90 minute flight to Santander and then a taxi to the concert.

Then Bruce started to sing "Radio Nowhere" and the hairs on my sweating foreams stood on end. Take me back to the concert! I can hear you asking "Well why didn't you go?" Can you imagine phoning your partner from 1000 kms away saying "I'm at the Bruce Springsteen concert and it's great and I'm very sorry, but there just wasn't time to come back and pick you up."?

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