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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Marbesol Car Hire at Malaga Airport

Joan who is a frequent gomarbella reader wrote: "In March when we come out again, do we go to the car rentals area at Malaga airport for our car hire reservation with Marbesol through Cartrawler?"

I replied, "Hi Joan,
just outside the baggage retrieval area exit door at Malaga airport, just before entering the public waiting area, you will be met by a Marbesol representative. You'll be taken in their mini-bus to the Marbesol car hire offices which are right at the entrance to the airport and you'll collect your car there.

As you drive out of the Marbesol office, you'll go anticlockwise around the roundabout and keeping the big San Miguel factory on your immediate right, swing right and pick up the A7 towards Marbella.

I hope you have another great stay Joan, best wishes. Mike"

Malaga Airport Transfer to La Villa Marbella

Kim wrote in to ask: "My husband and I are booked into La Villa Marbella from 14th to 24th April. Taxi transfer from Marbella has been quoted at 75 euros from Malaga. The bus looks good except we land at 10.10am so would have a long wait. I would appreciate suggestions. Many thanks"

I wrote back to Kim: "Hi Kim, how about this idea? Supposing you get your luggage reasonably quickly, you could head across to the Malaga airport train station and take the 10.34 or 11.04 or 11.34 train to Fuengirola train station. It's only a couple of euros for the 35 minute journey.

From Fuengirola train station you could take a taxi to Marbella, you would have halved your taxi cost, or you can then catch a bus to Marbella from the Fuengirola bus station, there are two buses every hour and take a taxi from the Marbella bus station to La Villa Marbella. You can always fall back on the airport bus midday departure time if needs be.How does that sound? Watch out for your possessions on the train especially if it is full."

Kim replied and asked: "Hi Mike, thank you very much for your sound advice. It gives us some options. We would get a taxi at the airport if we are too tired. Can you tell us what the price should be if we don't pre-book? Thanks again Kim."

I replied, "Hi Kim, I have just phoned the local Marbella taxi company Tel: 95 277 44 88 and the girl gave me a price for a weekday morning from the centre of Marbella to Malaga airport of 56 euros and from the centre of Marbella to Fuengirola centre of 30 euros.

You will be travelling in the opposite direction but the prices will be approximately the same from Malaga airport to Marbella, on a weekday morning. Taxi fares on the Costa del Sol are very carefully controlled and are only increased once a year and all tariffs from every point on the coast are registered in a book which the taxi driver carries in the vehicle. You can check on the price when you get into the taxi or should you feel at the end of the journey that you have been overcharged for any reason, simply ask for a receipt and follow it up with the company later.

I contacted the manager of La Villa Marbella who explained to me that the transfer mentioned above is organized by the hotel. The driver meets the clients at the airport and brings them directly to the front door of the hotel in a Mercedes. Due to the unique position of La Villa in the old town of Marbella most guests are dropped by the Malaga airport taxis in the main street of the town, Avda. Ricardo Soriano some way from La Villa because the taxi drivers cannot manage the road system in Marbella's old town. They then have to find their way pulling their suitcases. As he says "It is just a matter of more comfort and service."

La Villa Marbella is a great place to stay and I am sure you will really enjoy it. Hope that helps you. Mike"

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Sitio de Calahonda to Fuengirola by bus

Julie wrote in today to ask about getting from Calahonda to Fuengirola:

"Hi Mike Hope you can help me, I'm trying to get a bus timetable for Calahonda to the Fuengirola bus station, tried always to download info from your website and Portillos website itself without any luck. Do you have the bus times for the above route at hand? It would be much appreciated. Kind regards Julie."
I rreplied to Julie:

"Hi Julie, let me send you the link showing all the bus stops between Marbella and Calahonda first. If you look at the stops you will see Calahonda is about half way between Marbella and Fuengirola so you would need to add on about 25 minutes to the departure times of the buses leaving Marbella bus station. I am sorry I can't give you the exact times of the Calahonda bus stop. There will be two buses every hour and I am sure the exact times will be inside the bus shelter. Check here for a picture of the Sitio de Calahonda bus stop:

Check on the Costa del Sol bus page for the Marbella Bus Schedules and look for the MARBELLA - FUENGIROLA route.

I hope this helps you, Julie, thanks for checking in to Best wishes Mike"

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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Prado de San Sebastian bus station Sevilla

Hanna wrote in to ask; "Going from Utrera to Marbella on a weekday. How is the easiest way to go? Do we need to go first to Sevilla and travel from there? Thanks!"

I wrote back: " Hi Hanna, I checked with the Portillo bus company in Malaga and the girl told me you would need to go into Sevilla. You will need to go to the
Estación de Autobuses Prado de San Sebastian in Sevilla because all the buses to the south of Andalucia leave from there.

Check through on the Costa del Sol bus page on the Marbella Bus Schedules to find the timetable of buses from Marbella bus station to Sevilla. It also shows you the time of the buses returning to Marbella from Sevilla. The most comfortable one for you will be at 4pm. Try to get there a little earlier to buy your ticket and reserve your seat.

Prado de San Sebastian bus station has real style and the restaurant is a great place to have a coffee or go to the loo before you set off. I was there checking out a route just two weeks ago.
Best wishes from Marbella Hanna and thanks again for using Mike"

PS: Hannah you can now do online bus ticket reservations through the Gomarbella reservation system.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Malaga airport transfer to Hotel Rincon Andaluza

Elizabeth wrote in this morning:

"Hi Mike My son and 5 friends are arriving in July for a week. I'm trying to arrange a transfer for the party of 6 holidaying by themselves for the first time. Do you think it's worth considering the train from Malaga Airport to
Fuengirola train station and then a bus that would pass the hotel on the A7 or the bus to Marbella from Malaga airport followed by a taxi to the hotel as opposed to the expensive option of around 200 euros by people carrier transfer from the airport? Any local advice would be much appreciated. Regards Elizabeth"

I wrote back:

"Hi Elizabeth Thanks very much for checking in to I think the simplest and quickest way for them is to take the bus from Malaga airport to Marbella (around 4.35 euros right now) and then a taxi from Marbella bus station to Hotel Rincon Andaluz near Puerto Banus. The fare is around 18 euros on a weekday slightly more over the weekend or holidays.

The local Marbella taxis have a limit of four passengers in each taxi so the group would need two taxis. So that's around 25 euros for the airport bus and then 36 euros for two taxis, around 6 euros. Does that sound better?

Hotels near Los Boliches Train Stop in Fuengirola

Mo wrote in just now:

"Mike, I am looking for 3-4 star hotels within short walking distance from the last 3-4 stops of train between Malaga Airport and Fuengirola train station, It would be nice if they have a sea view or are close to the beach, Thanks for your help.

PS. Half board and evening entertainment would be nice. Thank you. Mo"

I wrote back:

Hi Mo, Thanks very much for writing in. That's an interesting bit of research needed. I'm sure my Marbella travel agent students will be able to help. Let's see what they can come up with.

I'll do my best to answer you at the end of the coming week, hope that'll be OK.

Best wishes from Marbella Mike"

Friday, 13 February 2009

San Pedro by bus to La Linea bus station

Daniel wrote in today to ask:

I need to go by bus from near Puerto Banus (say from the Bull Ring) to La Linea. I know there is a bus from Marbella main bus station. But would this bus stop near Puerto Banus on its way to La Linea? For example, would it stop in San Pedro de Alcantará on the main coast road? If it stops in say San Pedro, is this better than going to Marbella bus station? Thanks"

I wrote back:

"Hi Daniel, thank you very much for checking in to
You are right about needing to go to the Marbella bus station or the San Pedro bus stop because the longer distance buses don't stop at every stop along the route. The bus to La Linea bus station after leaving the Marbella bus station would stop in San Pedro de Alcantará and then again in Estepona, Sabanillas then La Linea. San Pedro is closer to Nueva Andalucia than Marbella. You can travel on one of the local Portillo buses which stop at all the bus stops between Marbella and Estepona. The Puerto Banus bus stop is down on the main road just below the bull ring.

If you check across on the
Costa del Sol bus page and click through on the Marbella Bus Schedule and look at the route MARBELLA _ ESTEPONA you can then add on 20 minutes to give the approximate time the bus from Marbella arrives at your Puerto Banus bus stop. On the same timetable you will see all the buses leaving Marbella bus station for La Linea. They arrive at San Pedro bus station about 15 minutes later.

I hope that helps and that you have a good trip to La Linea. Watch out for your belongings on the trip.

Best wishes from Marbella Mike

Daniel wrote back:

Many thanks for the great info, a few questions: I see the timetable from Marbella to La Linea - should I add say 20 minutes to the Marbella departure time for San Pedro? Our apartment is down the opposite hill from the Bull Ring (going away from the sea ) - you get to a roundabout where there is a restaurant called Pasta Cafe - and then you go down the hill to where there is a super market (Mercado) and a pharmacist. Our flat is near there. I have seen buses go by there but never paid attention where these buses go to - would this be the same bus that goes to San Pedro?
Or do I have to walk down the hill from the bull ring toward the Andalucia Plaza and get the bus on the main road?
Thanks again Daniel

I wrote back to Daniel:

"Hi Daniel I have just had a reply back from the Portillo bus company confirming that the bus to La Linea stops in San Pedro. I have also just checked with the Marbella taxi company 95 277 44 88 and the girl said a taxi would cost 18 euros over the weekend and 15 euros on a weekday from the Nueva Andalucia bull ring during the day. After 10pm it would be around the weekend rate.

About the Marbella local bus linking Puerto Banus with Aloha Golf and San Pedro, check out this link and look for the L4 route. I can't find Centro Plaza which is the shopping centre at the top of the hill. Quite possibly your stretch of road on the other side of the hill from the Nueva Andalucia bull ring is not on the bus route because of the big Saturday morning market which blocks the bull ring area for some hours every week.

I think when the time comes for your trip to San Pedro, you should just get a taxi, it must be a minimum fare of around 6 euros, from Nueva Andalucia to the bus stop in San Pedro. Get there an hour before, book your seat, and find a place to have a coffee and tostado and just hang out till the bus comes, you are in Spain remember....
Hope this helps you Daniel, Best wishes for your trip. Let me know if I can help at all! Mike"

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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Timetable for Malaga airport bus to Marbella

Tony wrote in to ask about the last bus to Marbella out of Malaga airport in the evening:

I'm flying into Malaga on Saturday night and arrive at 10.30pm. I'm hearing that the last bus from Malaga airport to Marbella is at 21.45 and other sites are saying it's 23.00pm. Could you please let me know the official last bus into Marbella? Cheers TC"

I wrote back to Tony:

"Hi Tony, I have just checked with the Portillo bus company schedules to make sure that the gomarbella Malaga airport to Marbella bus timetable is up to date and according to the Portillo February 2009 schedule the last bus out of Malaga airport is at 23.00.

The winter schedule runs from 1/10/08 to 30/06/09 and the last bus leaves at 23.00. When you get your luggage, don't be polite about leaving the arrivals area, you buy your tickets on the bus at Malaga airport so just grab your bag and run. Turn right out of arrivals and then walk across the big open area in front of arrivals to the bus stop in front of you. I hope that your plane gets in on time and that you have a pleasant journey."

Thanks for checking in to Mike

PS: Tony, you can now do online bus ticket reservations through the gomarbella reservation system.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Marbella bus station to Hotel Lima and Marbella Inn

Julie wrote to me yesterday:

"Hi Mike, Do you know how long it would take to walk from Marbella bus station to the Lima Hotel or Marbella Inn Hotel? Can we walk or how long would it be in a taxi? My daughter and 4 of her friends are coming out to Marbella in the summer. I booked their flight for them yesterday and I am now helping them to book a hotel."

I replied, "Hi Julie, Thank you very much for checking in to Both the Lima hotel, seen here in the picture and the Marbella Inn are about 25 minutes on foot from the Marbella bus station pulling a suitcase. The Marbella Inn is slightly closer. It would be a pleasant walk down from the bus station if they weren't carrying luggage.

I suggest they take a taxi from the Marbella bus station on their arrival. It would be a minimum Marbella taxi fare of around 6 euros. They would need two taxis for five travellers.

The Lima is more of a hostel than a hotel but it is really well situated, near the beach. It is only 150 metres from the beach and 5 minutes from the old town. Location wise you can't go with either hotel.

I hope this helps, have a great stay and don't hesitate to ask for any help

Best wishes from Marbella Mike"

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Monday, 9 February 2009

Train fares from Malaga airport

Brigitte wrote in to me to ask:

"How much are the train fares from Malaga airport to Fuengirola train station please?"

I wrote back, "Brigitte the one way train fare from Malaga airport train station to Fuengirola train station is €1.25 and a return ticket for the same day is €1.80.

If you are travelling from the Maria Zambrano train station in Malaga to Fuengirola a one way ticket is €2.60 and a return ticket for the same day is €1.80.

The Malaga airport train station is still only an open air platform but by the summer of 2010 it will be a modern underground station. You buy your tickets from a ticket machine on the platform. (See below)

Best wishes for your journey Brigitte and thanks for checking in to


Update June 2011: There's a super new train station at Malaga airport, not more than 200m from Arrivals. The train fares are still incredibly low, less than €5.00 to travel to Fuengirola. (2011) You can buy your ticket from the platform ticket dispenser machine or from the ticket office on the ground level concourse before taking the elevator steps down to the train platform.

Los Boliches train stop to Stella Maris Hotel

Anne and Paul wrote to me:

Hi Mike. I wonder if you could help. We are coming to Fuengirola and staying at the Stella Maris Hotel on the Paseo Maritimo in Fuengirola. Could you please advise what train stop to get off at from Malaga airport please?

I phoned the Stella Maris hotel and the receptionist said the hotel was about halfway between the Los Boliches train stop and the Fuengirola train station. He said there was only about 250 metres difference.

You will see that I helped another couple get from the Los Boliches train station to the Yaramar hotel, which is very near your Stella Maris hotel

So if you get off the train from Malaga airport at the Los Boliches train stop, you will walk down to the Paseo Maritimo (the Fuengirola sea front road) and turn right. If you get off at the Fuengirola train station, you will walk down to the Paseo Maritimo and turn left.

By the way, the address of the Stella Maris hotel is:

Stella Maris Hotel
Tel: Paseo Marítimo Rey De España 54
29640 Fuengirola

Tel: 00 34 952 477 247

I hope this helps and you have a great stay at the Stella Maris hotel.

Best wishes Mike

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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Marbella bus station to Princesa Playa Hotel Apartments in Marbella

Paul wrote in today to ask:

Hi Mike Can you tell me which local bus we need from
Marbella Bus station to the Princesa Playa Hotel in Marbella, I am aware of the Malaga airport bus thanks to your excellent website Paul

I wrote back: Hi Paul, Thanks very much for writing in to and also for your kind words.

It's a very short bus ride from the Marbella Bus Station to the Princesa Playa Hotel in Marbella on the L1 bus route. The local buses in Marbella leave from outside the front of the bus station. Look on the Costa del Sol bus page for the Marbella Local Buses Schedule. Use the L3 bus to get down from the bus station to the Marbell Center bus stop. The Princesa Playa hotel is on the far side of the building from the bus stop.

Another GoMarbella reader wrote in to ask how to get to the Princesa Playa hotel from Malaga airport and this may be of use to you as well.

I hope you have a great stay in Marbella Paul.

Best wishes Mike

PS: Paul you can now do
online bus ticket reservations through the gomarbella reservation system.