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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Bus, transfer or car rental from malaga airport?

Good Evening Mike,

From doing some research i've realised I have a really rubbish flight...but then again it was only cheap. Me and a friend need to get from Malaga airport to Marbella on Saturday night. Our flight lands at 23.45 so from looking at the timetable we will miss the last bus...and to top it all off we are going in June..does the bus not run on Saturday and Sunday until July???

I am thinking our only options are a transfer or hire a car? The prices of which are nearly the same! I think a taxi would just rip us off given the time and us being 2 young girls. We are open to suggestions on the return to the airport. The flight is at 10pm on Saturday again unfortunately...would we be able to get a train??

I would be very grateful for some advice...there is no hurry!

Best Wishes Ny

Hi Ny

Thanks very much for writing in. Yes, it's not so easy getting to Marbella economically if you land late in the evening.
About the special airport shuttle bus to Marbella, it runs every day of the year between Marbella bus station and Malaga airport.

Here are two suggestions:

1) Taking a taxi from the airport you can't get ripped off because there is a set fare for all journeys on the Costa del Sol so you know before you get into the taxi what you will pay at the other end. I have just phoned the Marbella taxi company Tel: + 34 95277 44 88 and from Marbella centre to Malaga airport, after 10pm on a Saturday the fare is €69.(May 2011) Coming the other way will be about the same. I always suggest checking with driver before getting in.

2) About the cost of a hire car, quite often the cost of a short rental with all its travel possibilities works out only a little bit more than taking a taxi or even sometimes cheaper than a transfer company and certainly more flexible.

Using the link above or here, take two minutes to check out the cost of a small rental car from Malaga Airport and returning it in Marbella a couple of days later after making a couple of trips say to Ronda or definitely down to Tarifa to get your money's worth. If you add your very cheap return bus return to the airport plus the bargain cost of a Gomarbella rental car, I'm sure it won't be too painful...

3) About getting back to the airport if you decide not to keep your rental car for the week, the easiest option from Marbella is the Malaga airport bus mentioned above.

I hope this helps you Ny, please feel free to write back if I can help you. Have a fantastic trip and stay in Marbella.

Best wishes Mike

PS, I didn't suggest a horse drawn carriage to Ny, although you can hire them from next to Cafeteria Marbella seen in the picture above. Earlier this year Cafeteria Marbella had a big facelift. I like it because I have fond memories of eating here when we first came on holiday to Marbella back in 1978. I think I had calamares or squid. Coming from Rhodesia this was very exotic.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Crown Resorts Club Delta Mar Reception

Marvella wrote in last week to say:

"I am thinking about a last minute trip with my husband and children. We are looking at staying with Crown Resorts at Club Caronte Do you know anything about it? I have seen on Gomarbella that it is possible to take a train from Malaga airport to Fuengirola then a bus to Calahonda. Which bus stop should I use to get to the resort?"

I replied to Marvelle to say:

"For Club Caronte Crown Resorts, you need to get off at the Riviera del Sol bus stop. To get to the Delta Club Crown Resorts Reception, here is a little known secret! Instead of walking back towards the Riviera del Sol shops and main entrance to the urbanisation and then all the way around to the Reception, walk another 100m in the same direction you were travelling towards Marbella. You'll have a hedge on your right and the busy highway on your left. If you look through the hedge you'll see the Delta Club Crown Resort Reception building. At the end of the hedge, there is a rickety plank and if you walk across the plank and up a short path, you'll come out into the Reception car park. The entrance to the resort Reception is not more than 100 metres from the bus stop but if you walk around by road it is at least a kilometre.

If you don't need to go to the local Crown Resorts Reception at Club Delta Mar first and are going straight to your Club Caronte apartment, then walk 200 metres the other way from the Riviera del Sol bus stop and you'll see a taxi rank next to the Riviera del Sol shopping centre. For a minimum fare a taxi will take you the short final leg of your journey up the hill to the Caronte resort.

Two days after my reply to Marvella I drove to the Riviera del Sol to double check the information I had given her. My GPS said Club Caronte Crown Resort was 1.3kms or 3.50 minutes by car from the Riviera del Sol roundabout. I went up to the resort and then to the Club Delta Mar Reception right next to the Riviera del Sol bus stop to get more information. I spoke to Lucia the very pleasant Receptionist on duty and she explained to me how the different Crown Club receptions worked.

There are three Crown Resorts Receptions:

1) Crown Club Delta Mar Reception serves the Delta Mar resort, the La Riviera resort and the Club Caronte resort. The Caronte resort is higher up the hill and Crown Resorts recommend the use of a hire car when staying there. It has great views, is quieter. It has a swimming pool and a gym. For families with children Crown Resorts recommends Delta Mar and La Riviera because everything is within easy walking distance and the beach is so much closer. If you look at the picture above, you'll see the La Riviera resort just behind the Reception. The Club Delta Mar Reception opens every day at 9am but like the Club Calahonda Reception, evening closing hours are variable in winter or summer.

Address: Crown Club Delta Mar and Crown Club La Riviera, Riviera del Sol, 29650 Mijas Costa, Málaga, Spain. Tel: + 34 952 933 674

2) Crown Resorts Club Calahonda Reception serves the Calahonda resort and is accessed by bus from the middle Calahonda bus stop. It is a short walk up from the A7/N340 highway.

Address: Crown Resorts Club Calahonda Calle Almeria s/n Urb. Sitio de Calahonda, 29649 Mijas Costa, Málaga, Spain Tel: + 34 952 933 674

3) Crown Resorts Club Marbella Reception serves the Marbella Resort complex and is the main reception for all three resorts and is open 24 hours a day. If you are arriving late at any of the other resorts and need help, phone Crown Club Marbella Reception on + 34 952 933 674 It's further away from the busy A7/N340 coastal highway and if you are arriving for the first time by bus, I recommend that you get off at the first Calahonda bus stop travelling from Fuengirola and instead of pulling your suitcase up the hill, take a taxi for the short distance to the resort.

Address: Crown Resorts Club MarbellaCalle Monte Paraiso, Sitio De Calahonda s/n, 29650 Mijas Costa, Málaga, Spain. Tel: + 34 952 933 674

I suggested to Marvelle also that she could take the bus back into Fuengirola and the children would enjoy the Aqua Park or perhaps a visit to the Fuengirola Zoo. Marbella is 35 minutes the other way by bus and she could have a look around in the Old Town before taking a ferry from the Puerto Deportivo in Marbella to Puerto Banus. From there she could taxi back to Marbella or take a local bus back to Marbella centre before catching the Fuengirola bus back to her Crown Club Resort.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Taxis from Malaga Airport to Fuengirola

A Gomarbella reader wrote in from the USA in June last year.

Dave: "Hi, My parents & I are coming from U.S. to a condo in Fuengirola for a week. As there are 3 of us, do you recommend taking a taxi from the Malaga airport to Fuengirola? As opposed to paying for individual tickets for the train to Fuengirola and then bus to our condo? Thanks. I love your website! Dave"

Mike: "Hi Dave, Thank you very much for kind words, much appreciated. I have just phoned the Fuengirola taxi company Tel: + 34 952 47 10 00 and the girl on duty said that by day the fare from Fuengirola centre (I said the Fuengirola bus station) to Malaga airport is €37 and at night after 10pm and at weekends it is €44. The reciprocal fares as charged by the Malaga taxi drivers should be the same.

If your parents are feeling a bit tired after the trip then the taxi would be the way to go. On the way back and feeling refreshed, then the train from Fuengirola train station would be an alternative. You pick up the taxis right outside arrivals. Best wishes from Marbella Mike"

Dave: "Mike, Thanks for looking into this for us. We probably will be tired when we get there, so I think we'll take the taxi from the airport. Dave"

In the picture above you'll see the taxis lined up outside Arrivals. To the right of the taxis on the ground floor is the Malaga Airport Arrivals Hall in T3. The sliding Arrivals exit and entry doors are just out of the picture to the right. The Departures level is on the first floor level. Check in takes place from inside the "old" T2 building on the left all the way from left to right into the T3 terminal on the right.

The Malaga Airport bus stop is almost below when I am standing, straight out from the Arrivals Hall across the open forecourt.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Fuengirola to La Cala de Mijas by bus

Muriel: "Hi Mike, You´ve picked a beautiful spot to live in! I'm headed to Malaga next week and I´ve been searching for specific answers about bus transportation from Fuengirola to Mijas Costa: I know it goes along the CN340, and I know its the bus headed to Marbella which makes specific stops along the way. I even know where the Fuengirola bus station is but I need to know some specifics!

1) Is there a public option or is there only the private Portillo bus?
2) Do you have any idea about the fares?

3) Does that bus have a specific number?

Thank you very much for your time and help in advance, you must be tired of answering similar questions all the time. But you sure help us make this trip alot more easy and enjoyable! Thanks again, Muriel"

Mike: "Hi Muriel, I'm impressed that you have done some background research. I bet you are an organised traveller. You are right about the Portillo bus company being a private company but the Andalusian government has an agreement with them which has lasted as long as I have lived in Spain to operate bus services on the Costa del Sol and Portillo has to guarantee an agreed service and fixed prices and so on. In effect, it is public transport at the same time.

I phoned the Portillo customer attention number this afternoon and the girl told me that the fare from Fuengirola to Mijas Costa was one euro forty six cents if I remember correctly, but she couldn't give me the number of the service between Fuengirola and Marbella!

Every Tuesday evening my wife does line dancing in Fuengirola and I go the gym in Benalmadena so on the way home this evening, I stopped at two of the bus stops between Fuengirola and La Cala de Mijas. At the first, the bus schedule had been torn off but at the second bus stop I was able to read the number of the service, it's M220.

Having said all that Muriel, don't bother with route numbers, just work off the destination name on the front of the bus. Even the Portillo Costa del Sol bus schedules on the internet don't show the bus route number. When you catch the bus at the Fuengirola bus station it will show MARBELLA on the front. When you travel back to Fuengirola from the La Cala de Mijas bus stop to return to Fuengirola will be in a different position to the one you got off at coming from Fuengirola.

I don't mind at all helping visitors and it makes it all worthwhile to get feedback like yours. I appreciate your writing. I hope the weather is good for your visit, it's warm at the moment and raining on and off but the sun always comes out! Please let me know how things go if you have time when you get back. Best wishes from Marbella Muriel and thanks very much again for visiting Gomarbella. Mike"