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Wednesday, 4 April 2007

More pillows please Housekeeper!

You might be asking one of these newly qualified hotel housekeepers for an extra pillow or blanket somewhere soon in one of Spain’s top hotels.

Graduating today after an intensive six month course in the Hotel Escuela Bellamar vocational training school in Marbella, the proud and happy housekeepers are shown here with some of their teachers after a farewell lunch.

Some of them will be starting work on Monday after Easter as far away as Gerona or Zaragoza. Such is the prestige of the course and the demand for trained hotel housekeepers in Spain that most students are offered contracts before their course ends.

Your housekeeper is there to make your hotel stay more enjoyable. Stop and chat next time you are passing in the corridor. Behind the uniforms and professional facade they’re ordinary people with hopes and aspirations just like the rest of us, They will appreciate your contact.

Update: 08/10/10 By the way, that's me over on the right at the back. I don't teach at the hotel school any more, with the cutbacks in Spain, there is simply no money for vocational training.

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