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Thursday, 31 May 2007

Marbella has a new Mayoress!

The Partido Popular party came through with a clear majority on Sunday in Marbella signalling a return to normality in a town which has lost so much at the hands of corrupt politicians.

You are looking at an electoral table during last week's election. That's me, the President of the table in the middle. To my right, the two women like me are chosen by the Town Hall for the elections. To their right are the two PSOE representatives.

To my left, that's to the right of the picture are the PP political representatives. Pablo Mora on the extreme right is one of the new Town Hall's counsellors.

It was 15 long hours of work, from signing in the representatives at 8am, opening for voting at 9am, checking credentials all day long (identity cards are a good thing) closing voting at 8pm, counting votes then taking the results to the local magistrate at and signing off at 10.53pm. I got paid €53.20 for my time. No signature asked for.

Nobody beat me up as I left the electoral venue. No thugs stuffed the ballot box after closing of voting. Nobody's houses will be burned or bulldozed by the government as a result of the election. These are all features of Robert Mugabe's present goverment in Zimbabwe, my country of birth and the last country I voted in before coming to Spa

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