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Friday, 31 October 2008

Car hire rentals at Malaga Airport

"What's a car rental office pic doing on Gomarbella's Costa del Sol bus pages?" I can hear you ask.

Can I ask you a question in reply? "Have you ever had a life changing moment?"

Mine happened a few weeks ago on the day the Costa del Sol buses stopped running and I started answering question like; "How do I get from Marbella to Malaga airport if there is no bus?", or "Can you recommend a car hire company at Malaga airport?" or "Are the trains from Malaga airport still running?"

I get a lot of visitors to my page on the bus from Malaga airport to Marbella Bus Station so you can imagine when that bus service shut down for a week, I had to make a lot of suggestions about alternative ways to travel on the Costa del Sol and the subject of car hire from Malaga airport came up pretty often.

By the way, did you spot that you are actually looking at the car hire office at Gatwick airport North terminal? I took the picture a few months ago when I hired a car to travel to Stratford on Avon and then on to Birmingham airport when I went to the Bruce Springsteen concert in Dusseldorf.

I have been hiring cars in Spain since I settled here nearly 30 years ago so I'll pass on as many tips and suggestions as I can at the same keeping you up to date with any likely problems with the Portillo buses on the Costa del Sol

Don't worry, I'm not giving up on buses. In fact in a couple of weeks I'll tell you about a life changing bus stop, the one that probably brought me to Spain!

Contact me through the comments box at the bottom of this page if I can help with my recommendations for travel on the Costa del Sol.