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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Hotel Sol Don Pablo in Torremolinos

Laura contacted me on the Los Boliches Train Stop blog to say that she had booked accommodation in the Hotel Sol Don Pablo in Torremolinos and was going to take the train from the airport. She asked if the best train stop was the La Colina stop which is the fourth stop from Malaga airport train station. Would she find a taxi outside?

I hadn't ever been to the La Colina train stop so on my way to Malaga airport to pick up my wife last Sunday afternoon, I set off a little early with my TomTom and camera to check it all out.

There is nothing at La Colina stop except a big car park, empty on a Sunday afternoon and definitely no taxis in sight. This would be a good place to leave the car during the day and commute into Malaga from. At one end of the car park there is a public telephone. One wouldn't want to get off the train here late at night alone.

Still sitting in the car outside the train stop I pointed my TomTom at the Hotel Sol Don Pablo in Torremolinos. It showed it as 3.8kms away and 8.4 minutes driving time just off the Torremolinos Paseo Marítimo.
Calle Rio Guadazaón which leads off the Paseo Marítimo is a little one way street and gives car access to the Hotel Son Don Marco and the adjoining Hotel Sol Don Pedro as well as foot access to the Hotel Sol Don Pablo situated behind.

I chatted to a taxi driver parked outside the Hotel Sol Don Marco at the end of Calle Rio Guadazaón and he told me that there are no taxis permanently stationed outside La Colina train stop and anyone arriving there and needing a taxi would need to phone the Radio Taxis Torremolinos company on 952 38 06 00 and they would send the nearest taxi.

Although I could see the signposted gate to the footpath leading into the Hotel Sol Don Pablo I needed road access so I went into the reception of the Don Pablo Hotel and a smartly suited waiter gathering up coffee cups stopped what he was doing to attend to me. I liked that. Remember I do contract teaching in a hotel training school so I am always on the lookout for attitudes on the part of hotel staff and I like to test out their English at the same time! He told me how to get to the Hotel Sol Don Pablo and I drove around the block into Calle Bajondillo to get there.

There is very spacious underground parking right underneath the hotel which was very convenient so leaving the car there I made for the Don Pablo reception. I was well looked after by Juan the receptionist who advised me that clients arriving from the airport should get off at the train stop in the centre of Torremolinos. From there, it is a minimum taxi fare of around seven euros. Most importantly for Laura who asked the question in the first place, there would be taxis outside the Torromolinos train stop at all hours.

As I was searching for coins for the parking meter, the security guard materialized from nowhere to see that everything was in order and watched me as I drove out. I was impressed by the treatment I was given by the employees I had come into contact with and the three complexes making up the Torremolinos Don Hotels look like a really great place to holiday.

Let me add on some information that might be useful:

Sol Don Marco 952 05 53 00

Sol Don Pablo 952 38 38 88

Sol Don Pedro 952 38 68 44

The address of the three hotels, Don Marco, Don Pablo and Don Pedro is:

Paseo Maritimo s/n, Playa del Bajondillo, 29620 Torremolinos, Malaga.


kathryn linaker said...

Hi Mark, please can you advise whether you can get a bus from Malaga Airport to Buene Vista Complex in the Estapona Province?

Mike Drury said...

Hi Kathryn

Thanks very much for checking in to gomarbella.

Basically you catch the airport bus from Malaga airport to Marbella and then from Marbella you catch the bus to Estepona and get off at the Bena Vista bus stop which is a few stops before Estepona.

Have a look at this blog about how to get to Estepona: Copy the link and paste it into your browser.

(If you have any difficulties just go to the search box on this page and type in Bena Vista)

You will see the blog tells you how to get to Estepona and gives you a list of all the bus stops between Marbella and Estepona.

Look at the list of bus stops and you will find a whole page about the Bena Vista bus stop showing you where to get off the bus.

I hope this helps you Kathryn, thanks again for your contact and please write back if you have any difficulties.

Best wishes from Marbella