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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Torreblanca Train Stop

This is the Torreblanca train stop on the line from Malaga to Fuengirola. It's the third last stop before Fuengirola train station after travelling from Malaga or the Malaga airport train stop. The next stop after Torreblanca and before Fuengirola is the Los Boliches train stop.

Travelling from the Torreblanca train stop towards Fuengirola, the journey to Fuengirola train station takes 5 minutes.

If you are travelling to the Malaga airport train stop or coming from Malaga city, the trains leave and arrive at Torreblanca train stop every 20 minutes. The journey to Malaga airport takes approximately 28 minutes and 42 minutes to the Maria Zambrano train station in Malaga.

The Torreblanca hotel is right next to the train stop, just to the left of the picture. A flight of steps leads down from the bridge over the train line and if you time it right, you can walk out of the hotel and be in Fuengirola 10 minutes later.

There's a great little cafeteria next to the platform, you can just see it behind the platform. Don't hurry your drink if you hear the train coming, have another cold beer and wait for the next train. You are in Spain now and I recommend that you just take it easy and enjoy life. There'll be another train along in twenty minutes!


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the information. Having visited Torreblanca for the last 5 years - this year for the first time we are not hiring a car so the time schedules for the trains are very helpful. Thanks Hayley and family.

Mike Drury said...

Hi Hayley, thank you very much for letting me know that the Malaga airport train timetable has been useful. It's a great way of getting up and down the coast and puts Malaga city in really easy reach for an interesting and easy day's outing like never before.

Have a really great holiday and just let me know I can help at all. I appreciate your writing in.

Best wishes from Marbella Mike

Anonymous said...

Can we get a train to betania Hotel in Benalmadena from the airport ?
How Long will it take is to get there

Mike Drury said...

Thanks for writing in, yes, take a train to Benalmadena / Arroyo de la Miel train station and then a taxi to the Betania Hotel.

When you come out of Arrivals at Malaga airport, walk straight out across the big open area outside towards the train station. You can get tickets from the ticket office or from the vending machine on the platform. You won't have to wait long because the trains run every 30 minutes. Keep an eye on your bags.

At Benalmadena /Arroyo de la Miel train station, take a taxi from the taxi rank outside down to the hotel, it will be a minimum fare, perhaps €8 during the day.

I would estimate not more than 25 total minutes train and taxi travelling time if you don't have to wait long at Malaga airport for the train.

The hotel is very well situated, near the beach. I go to the Benalmadena branch of Atenas Gym just a couple of blocks away every Tuesday evening so I know the area well.

I hope you have a great holiday. Best wishes from Marbella


Bruce said...

Hi Mike
Is there a taxi rank at Torrebblanca station. Im coming in from Malaga and my hotel is the Gardenia park.

Cheers Bruce

Mike Drury said...

Hi Bruce

I had to wait earlier this year in the car park at the Torreblanca train station while my wife was doing line dancing in the Torreblanca hotel which backs right onto the station car park.

I don't remember seeing a taxi rank but taxis were coming and going. There's a great little cafeteria as you get off the train if you have time for a cold beer while you recover from your travels and I'm sure the owner would phone for you.

If you don't have time for a pitstop, walk up the steps to the front of the Torreblanca hotel about 100metres from where you get off the train and there are always taxis waiting outside. If they are all out, ask the receptionist on duty to call you one.

I hope you have a great trip Bruce and thanks very much for writing in.

Best wishes from a thankfully cooler Marbella.


Tindallfield said...


Like Bruce, I'm going to the Gardenia Park. Is it within walking distance on a Saturday night ?

Mike Drury said...

Hi Tindallfield, thank you very much for writing in and I'm really sorry for the delay in replying. I was away and on top of that had computer problems. I hope this doesn't come too late.

I've just phoned Gardenia Park Hotel to check and the duty receptionist told me that the nearest train stop is Torreblanca. She said it was only about seven minutes walk. I hope that helps you.

Here's the full address:

Hotel Gardenia Park
Av de Carvajal, 2,
29640 Fuengirola, Spain

Tel: +34 952 66 00 00

Thanks again for writing in, have a great stay.

Best wishes from Marbella. Mike

kevin baxter said...

wat train station do you get off if stayn at torrablanca hotel

Mike Drury said...

Hi Kevin, you need to get off at the Torreblanca train stop. The hotel very close to the Torreblanca train stop. You go up some stairs at the end of the platform, turn right and you are at the hotel. It's a great place to stay because very easily you can get up and down the train line to Malaga airport or one stop down the line to Fuengirola. Thanks very much for writing in Kevin, have a great holiday. Best wishes Mike

Tom Mcbride said...

Can someone tell me how many stops it is from malaga to torreblanca and how much it is per person?

Mike Drury said...

Hello Tom, thank you very much for the Google +, much appreciated. From Malaga city centre to Torreblanca it's 16 stops. From Malaga airport to Torreblanca it's 10 stops, approximately 37 minutes. The same journey will cost around €4. You get your ticket from machines on the stations which accept notes up to €20. Are you visiting soon Tom? I see you are checking in from the USA.

Lisa M said...

Hi there,

I know we're a few years on since some of these posts but was wondering if the info is still the same? I'm travelling with my son to Hotel Torreblanca at the end of May and was hoping to use the train service to and from the airport. Are the times and prices still roughly the same? (Allowing for inflation etc!)

Many Thanks


Mike Drury said...

Hi Lisa, thank you for coming back to use Gomarbella. Not much at all has changed on the C1 line to Fuengirola except that now there are three trains every hour so you really don't need to consult the timetable. If the train pulls out as you get there, do some people watching for twenty minutes and before you know it, the next train is pulling in. Let me know if you need the exact times though and I'll look them up.

Prices have not gone up significantly. You'll do the airport to Torreblanca run for less than five euros per person.

When you arrive at Torreblanca, don't hurry off. Have a cold beer at the little bar next to the station and start enjoying your holiday!

Best wishes from Marbella Lisa, Mike

Laura Brown said...

Hello there Mike

I am a single lady in my 40's, looking to rent a place for the month of May, while I look for work along the Costa del Sol.

Is Torreblanca a safe place Mike?

Also would you recommend car hire, or is the train service good enough?

I don't suppose you have any contacts regarding my job search Mike?

Even though I finished my Masters in Tourism Management 2 years ago, I don't expect to get a job that uses my passion of tourism. I am quite prepared to roll my sleeves up and get stuck in to any job.

If you have any advice etc., Mike it would be much appreciated.

Kind regards

Mike Drury said...

Hi Laura, thank you for writing in. Well done on looking for new pastures. About transport, another Gomarbella user is currently renting through Gomarbella on a long term basis, he has the smallest car and says that the monthly rate is very competitive. To answer your earlier question, yes, the €800 that is blocked on your card if you take out the Mondial insurance seems a lot but you get it back within four days after returning the car. A car will help you explore every corner and job possibility on the Costa del Sol and do some tourism as well! If you can afford a car for May, I would recommend it to maximise your chances of finding a job and following up all leads.

I would say that Torreblanca is as safe as anywhere else on the Costa del Sol. There is a lot of movement of people in that area and I haven't heard anything negative about the area.

Great that you have a Masters in Tourism. This will be valued if you decide to work in tourism. Your attitude looks just right too!

Laura I am off to see the grandchildren in London in a couple of hours but I'll be back in a couple of days. Let's continue the conversation here or over on Facebook. When I get back I'll give you as many ideas as I can about your job search and where to start. Best wishes from Marbella and I look forward to exchanging more ideas. Mike

Mike Drury said...

My friends Allan and Dee Wood are visiting from Sydney. Rather than drive to Malaga from Alhaurin del Golf, I suggested they park at Torreblanca train stop and take the train which leaves every 20 minutes. "Set your GPS on Calle Antiguo Paso del Ferrocarril (Old Path of the Train line Street) and drive to the end of it. The Torreblanca train stop is at the end of it, just below the Hotel Torreblanca.

Leave everything out of sight, put up your windscreen shade if you have one, have a cold beera at the little bar, get your tickets on the platform, less than €5 each and if you get off at Maria Zambrano Train station, one stop before the end of the line, you should find a little kiosk in the middle of the station concourse where they are selling open top bus tour tickets. The red bus stops right outside the big entrance. PS: You can also use the train to get to Cordoba. Depending on the time you travel, some fares are cheaper than others. Ask at the main ticket office on Maria Zambrano in case that grabs you as a means of getting to Cordoba. Let the train take the strain. There’s is a lot to see and do in Malaga. Carry your waterbottles and watch out for your possessions.

Have a great day! Mike"

Doug Pearson said...

Hi Mike, I am traveling to CDS for first time in two weeks (staying torreblanca) and had a bunch of questions about transport.

Your page has answered them all.
I just wanted to say thanks for doing what you do, very useful.

Oh, just one other - can we get a daily or weekly pass for unlimited bus/train travel? And if so do you consider it worth it?

Thanks again.

Mike Drury said...

Hi Doug, thank you for your kind words. I am glad you found some answers. As far as I know bus and train travel tickets are not integrated. You would need to ask at the Fuengirola train station and at the bus station both within a block of each other. I think you can get a bus pass for a month. I don't think I would bother I guess because I have lived here so long I always anticipate that nothing is going to be easy! Very often I am wrong... I would use the train to travel between Fuengirola and Malaga and the bus from Fuengirola west towards Marbella and Gibraltar. Train travel on the C1 train is not expensive. Public transport is most subsidized in Spain or the prices are capped so local bus and train fares are not expensive. Please tell me if you find otherwise. Sorry not be more specific Doug. I hope you have a great trip. Please let me know what you find out. Best wishes Mike

Cynthia said...

Hi, I will be staying in Malaga for several days and would like to know how to get to Sea Life in Benaladena. Is there a local bus or train and where do I catch it?

Mike Drury said...

Hi Cynthia, sincere apologies for not replying earlier. Your email slipped down into my inbasket out of sight. I hope this is not too late. You would get off the train at Benalmadena /Arroyo de la Miel and get a taxi down to the Benalmadena Port. You could walk but it's getting hotter now and a taxi for a minimum fare would be more comfortable. Thank you very much for writing in, I do appreciate it. Best wishes from Marbella for a pleasant stay. Mike