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Saturday, 9 May 2009

Malaga Airport to Puerto Banus by bus

Kevin wrote in a couple of days ago to ask me: "Hi, can I catch a train from the airport to Puerto Banus?"

I wrote back: "Hi Kevin, the train only runs from
Malaga airport train station to Fuengirola train station and then the line stops there. The easiest way to get to Puerto Banus from Malaga airport is to take the special bus from Malaga airport to Marbella bus station The cost is only €4.30, the journey takes 45 minutes and it is a fantastic service.

From Marbella bus station I would take a taxi to Puerto Banus: To give you an idea of the
Marbella taxi fares for that part of the journey, from the centre of Marbella to Puerto Banus, which is about the same distance as from Marbella bus station to Puerto Banus, a taxi costs €9.40 during the day and after 10pm and over the weekends and holidays it costs €11.70. Just out of interest from Malaga airport to Puerto Banus a taxi costs €64 during the day and €76 after 10pm and over weekends and holidays

The picture above shows the car parking side of El Corte Inglés in Puerto Banus where the buses stop. In the distance you can see the white buildings of Puerto Banus with all the boats, restaurants, fast cars and glamour you might be needing!

Hope that helps you Kevin, have a good trip and let me know if I can help you further.

Best wishes from Marbella and thanks for your contact. Mike

PS: You can now do
online bus ticket reservations through the gomarbella reservation system.


Andy said...

Hi Mike,
I wanted to post a warning rather than a question, if that's okay with you. I've visited Puerto Banus several times now and recently started following your advice about using the Portillo Malaga airport to Marbella bus service. Can I ask you to warn other visitors to Gomarbella to check their change given to them by the bus driver at the airport? Last time(June '09), the driver tried short-changing me by 7 Euros (I gave him 21 Euro for the 10.90 Euro fare for the two of us, and he tried to give me 3 Euro change!). Once sorted (he didn't like me questioning him), we sat down and found that the couple sat behind us had had the same experience, but had unfortunately, not realised until sat down.
Please ask your visitors to check their change immediately given to them by the driver!!
Thanks, Andy Matson

Mike Drury said...

Hi Andy

Thank you very much for your post.

I´ve often wondered how the Malaga airport bus driver manages to give change because how many travellers from the UK arrive at Malaga airport with euro coins or even a five euro note?

I always warn travellers to be vigilant around bus stations, just after buying tickets from the ticket office or boarding the bus, now it seems advisable to be careful on the bus as well.

I have just added a Twitter post to the airport bus timetable page. It will be seen by a good number of Malaga airport to Marbella bus users.

If any other bus travellers can add to this post, please write in using the contact form below.

Thanks very much for taking the time to write in Andy, much appreciated.

Best wishes


Sophie said...

Hi Mike.

Please warn drivers to check their change on AP6 at toll. They never query you when you point out their 'mistake' which is always is their favour......Sophie

Mike Drury said...

Hi Sophie

Thanks very much for that warning. Did you perhaps mean the AP7 which is the toll road running from behind Torremolinos all the way down to near Sotogrande?

If you are are a regular user of the toll roads in Spain I really recommend the ViaT card which takes you through all the tolls in Spain using the drive through channel marked with a big blue T. It saves a lot of time. There is no annual charge from the bank and you get a consolidated statement at the end of the month.

You are right though about needing to take just a few extra seconds to check change even if you have cars piling behind you and the barrier is up. It's too late once you are through and on the road.

Thanks again for writing in Sophie. Take care on the roads.

Best wishes Mike

Anonymous said...

I am due to be taking a holiday at Aloha Gardens, Puerto Banus at the end of Aug. There are 2 travellers and we are only landing in malaga airport at 23:05 on a Friday night. I am concerned that I will miss the last bus from Malaga airport to Marbella bus station at 24:00. Should I book a shuttle bus instead or will the bus wait for any delayed flights?

The return flight the following Tuesday is at 23:40 so we should be fine to get public transport for the return journey.

Mike Drury said...

Hi and thanks for writing in.

If your plane is on time then you should be able to catch the last bus of the day out of Malaga airport to Marbella bus station easily. Allow 30 minutes to walk from the plane and get your luggage off the carousel and you´ll be in good time. The bus stop is just outside arrivals.

I am sorry to say however that the bus waits for no one. It might still be loading passengers at 00.10 if it gets in from Marbella later than normal but if it gets in early then it will load what passengers are there and leave sharp at 24.00

No need to book a shuttle bus unless it works out much cheaper than a taxi to Aloha Gardens, possibly around 85 euros which is the slightly higher price for travelling after 10pm or over a weekend. There are always lots of taxis waiting outside the airport even at that time.

You will be fine for the return flight by taking the bus which will bring your overall transport costs down a lot.

I hope this helps and that you have great stay. Best wishes from Marbella.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

I am planning to visit Puerto Banus with some of my friends next Friday and then a week later I need to travel up to La Manga, close to Murcia to meet some more friends up there. Have you got any suggestions on the best way for me to get there. I have looked at flights and no one runs a direct flight and they are very expensive. I have tried to look at the bus services but I cant seem to figure it out. Your help with this matter would be much aprechiated. all the best fran

Mike Drury said...

Hello Fran

Thanks very much for checking in to gomarbella. You will need to travel to Murcia first and then on to La Manga del Mar Menor from there.

Leaving from Malaga bus station the main site for buses out of Malaga bus station is Can you copy and paste this address into your browser?

In the slot which says DESTINOS (Destinations) select Murcia. There are up to seven services a day from Malaga to Murcia and the journey takes approximately six hours.

From Murcia to La Manga there are buses nearly every hour. Check these timings from Murcia to La Manga.

Fran I'm actually in London right now and back in Marbella on Wednesday evening otherwise I would check with the Murcia bus station to get more detail about the onward journey to La Manga.

Have a look at the information above and if it seems of interest then please write back and I'll check it out completely at the end of next week.

Let me know which service you would take from Malaga bus station. I think you should try to start the journey from Malaga early in the day to arrive in La Manga in daylight or else take the overnight service from Malaga to be able to arrive in La Manga comfortably early during the day.

I hope this helps you to start planning your journey Fran. Best wishes (from London) and again thanks for your contact.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, me and my friend are going to Marbella - Peruto Banus in a few weeks. Is it easy to get the bus from Malaga Airport or the train? Our Flight arrives at 11:30. How much is it roughly for a taxi?


Airport Bus Services said...

Very good services for airport

Mike Drury said...

Hello Airport Bus Services, thank you for contacting Gomarbella all the way from the USA.

I wish you were operating down here in the south of Spain, especially out of Malaga Airport.

Best wishes and thanks for the contact. Mike Drury

Durai said...

Hi Mike, my wife and I are staying in Marbella for one week in April and we are wondering if we can make day trips to Cordoba, Sevilla, Granada and Gibraltar on four days. Rest of the time we thought we will enjoy the town and the beach. Please give suggestions if buses/trains will work so I don't need to rent a car. Thanks.


Mike Drury said...

Hi Durai, thank you very much for writing in. You'll be well situated in Marbella to visit those four destinations.

Yes, you could certainly visit all of them by bus or train and do without a hire car. It'll mean quite a few hours travelling on each of the four days but you'll see a lot more scenery if you are not having to concentrate on the road.

If you haven't been to Ronda, I would consider changing the day trip to Cordoba for a shorter trip to Ronda which is well worth a visit and it will give you a welcome break from the longer trips.

There are two ways you can organise your bus travel, either by public transport or on organised excursions. Gibraltar and Ronda are easy trips on the local buses. Granada and Sevilla might be more comfortably done on organised excursions just to take any possible worry out of those two longer trips and also you will have more time at your destinations than if you were relying on fixed public bus service timetables.

Have a think about it and then write back to me when you have decided how you might travel and if you would like to do an organised excursion I'll send you contact details of Viajes Valemar in Marbella whom I always recommend and I'll be pleased to give you more details about the journeys that you plan to organise yourselves.

The weather and countryside should be lovely in April.

Best wishes from Marbella Durai and I look forward to hearing from you.


Durai said...

I appreciate your quick reply. Please give me the contact info. for Viajes Valemar, I will try to schedule at least one trip through him.

I see Cordoba can be reached from Malaga in 1 hour by AVE. Perhaps we can try that; the train experince should be exciting.

Finally we have a desire to go to Tangiers also, are we dreaming?!

Mike Drury said...

Good morning Durai

I'm glad you found the other information.

Yes, to get to Cordoba by train, you would just need to get to the Fuengirola train station from Marbella and book the ticket all the way through to Cordoba and back. I understand that if you do an onward journey from Malaga train station, your shorter trip from Fuengirola to Malaga and back is free. I have to confess I never done the AVE journey to Cordoba, I keep wanting to, but end up driving. Please let me know what it is like if you do it!

It's good to dream, I do it the whole time although I think it would be pushing it to add Tangier to four other trips! I would tend towards three or maximum four excursions during the week and go back home refreshed and stimulated.

Look, if you did Tangier as an excursion, Cordoba on your own by train and Granada as an excursion, you would get a very good feeling for the part that the Arabs played in the south of Spain. If you swapped Cordoba for Seville you would get a good insight into past and present Spanish culture in Andalucia. As I said on the other post, Ronda is a very easy trip and you can do that and be back for a nice glass of wine in the early evening feeling fresh and ready to hit the night life in Marbella.

Here is the address of Viajes Valemar:

Viajes Valemar
Avda. Ricardo Soriano, 64
29600 Marbella

Tel: + 34 952829944
Fax: + 34 952828737

You'll speak to Leonor del Toro, her email address is

She can book the train journey in advance for you for the same price that you would pay at the Fuengirola train station and organise any of the trips mentioned above. The inland trips are scheduled on different days so plan your organised excursions first and then fit in your own trips around the excursions. Try to leave a free day in between where you can!

I hope this helps Durai, please let me know how things go.

Best wishes from Marbella


Anonymous said...

Hi there. I will be in Puerto Banus for a hen weekend in July. I'm looking at flying back from Seville on 4 July (as it's much cheaper than all the flights from Malaga!). Do you know if it would be possible for me to get from Puerto Banus to Seville airport by 11am, or would I need to go on the Sunday night? And would the buses run on Sunday?!

Thanks so much,


Mike Drury said...

Hi Chloe,

Thanks very much for writing in. What a great place for a hen night, Puerto Banus in early July, fantastic!

I was at Seville airport on Monday this week when I took my nephew there. He was flying to Marrakesh with Ryanair.

The Marbella to Seville bus schedule operates Monday to Sunday with departures at 09.20, 11.30 and 16.35. It's a three and a half hour bus journey so you would need to travel the day before your flight on Monday. If you are passing through Marbella bus station when you arrive, book your seat in advance for Sunday and put the ticket in a safe place.

It's an interesting and scenic bus journey and you get a coffee and loo stop in Ronda. You'll need a coffee stop after your partying the night before. Maybe you can get a taxi straight to Marbella bus station from Puerto Banus on Sunday morning...

In Sevilla you would need to look for a reasonably priced hostel or hotel for Sunday night and then the next morning take the airport bus from the centre of Seville to the airport. It runs every 30 minutes. If you like, I can help you look for a place to stay because I need this information for Gomarbella.

If you are up to travelling at 11.30 in the morning after a couple of nights out in Puerto Banus, I suggest taking this bus, getting to Seville at 15.00. You can then put on the air-conditioning in your room and have a leisurely siesta until you go out on the town again when it's cooler. The atmosphere is great at night, you'll definitely get extra value for the money you spend on the Sunday night hotel and you'll see another lovely part of Andalucia as well. Don't miss your Monday morning airport bus if you are out again late!

Thanks again for your contact Chloe, I hope this gives an extra possibility for your journey back home.

Best wishes from Marbella and thanks again for your contact.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your help, Mike. In the end, the cost of the extra night's accommodation in Seville means it's more cost-effective to pay for the more convenient flight from Malaga. But I am going to Seville first, so I will get to spend some time there and appreciate it anyway!


Mike Drury said...

Hi Chloe, I'm glad you've got the travelling sorted and that you´ll also get to see Seville.

If you´re still doing the trip from Seville to Marbella by bus, once you have got into the centre of Seville, you´ll head for the Prado de San Sebastian bus station for your onward journey. The buses to the south of Andalucia travel out of there.

Keep a bottle of water with you at all times because it will be warm when you get here.

Have a fantastic trip Chloe and a really memorable party in Puerto Banus!

Best wishes from Marbella


Durai said...

Dear Mike, I contacted Leonor to get my travel questions answered promptly. With her help, I am close to finalizing the details. Thank you very much for this great suggestion.

One question on payment and using credit card while in Spain:
My credit card company (like most others) charges a hefty 3% as foreign transaction commission. Do you know how one can get around this expense? Does getting cash out of ATM machines work? - my bank covers all ATM fees.

Mike Drury said...

Hi Durai

I'm very glad you are getting your excursions organised with Leonor and I hope all your trips go off well.

Regarding the payments question, ATM machines in Spain are highly reliable and work well and are widely available certainly in town centres. If your bank doesn't charge you ATM fees, then you are very lucky! I have the same problem when travelling in the UK, what we try to avoid at all costs is using a credit card for cash withdrawals.

In Spain, cash payments are always very welcome.

I subscribe to Martin's Money Email Tips from, he is the real guru when it comes to credit cards and ATMs when travelling abroad.

Thanks very much for writing back Durai, I'll be pleased to help in any way I can.

Best wishes from Marbella


Rose said...

Hi Mike,

A group of us are planning on staying at Villacana (near Estepona) arriving at Malaga airport.

Would you be able to advise the best way to travel from Malaga to the Villacana resort.



Mike Drury said...

Hi Rose, thanks very much for writing in. It's not difficult to get from Malaga airport to the Villacana resort.

1) Take the Malaga Airport to Marbella shuttle bus. You can Google the timetable by putting in "Malaga Airport to Marbella bus timetable".

2) From Marbella bus station take the bus to Estepona which leaves every 30 minutes. Buy your ticket to Villacana. For a list of bus stops on the way to Estepona, Google "Portillo bus stops between Marbella and Estepona on the Costa del Sol"and you'll see a description of where to get off for Villacana. I went down there last year and sorted out the names of the Villacana stops!

You'll do the whole journey for under €10 each one way (2011).

I hope that helps you Rose, don't hesitate to write back for any more information.

Best wishes from Marbella and have a great stay.


Anonymous said...

Hey mike, it's late notice and bank holiday but I'm flying out to Malaga airport tomorrow and need to get to El Prisidente Apartments near peurto banus area, I know I can get the shuttle bus to Marbella but how would I get from Marbella to El Prisidente?

If you can get bk to me before I land tomorrow your a legend mate


Mike Drury said...

Hi there

In haste, just leaving to go out but I'll reply when I get back later this evening, probably not before midnight. It's not difficult. Tell all later! Check back here in case the second reply is not automated.


Mike Drury said...

Hi, I'm back! I just did the reply to you then lost it all when uploading!

Here goes again with a shortened version of three options:

1) From Marbella take a taxi to the El Presidente urbanisation. It is actually just past San Pedro which is just past Puerto Banus. I phoned the Marbella taxi company and a taxi from Marbella bus station to El Presidente will be €23.

2) From Marbella take the bus to Estepona. This route runs every thirty minutes so you won't have long to wait. If you get off at San Pedro at the temporary bus station/ticket office on the big roundabout, there is a taxi rank right there and a taxi from there to El Presidente will cost only €11. You've done most of the journey on the bus.

3) The third option is to stay on the bus and get off at the Isdabe stop. You can find all the stops by Googling "List of bus stops between Marbella and Estepona". It's a long walk though and the weather is a bit dodgy these days and really you wouldn't want to do it unless you were travelling very light. You would walk past Atalaya Hotel, then Marriots Playa Andaluza resort then arrive at El Presidente.

With all the money you have saved on the airport bus to Marbella, I recommend you treat yourself to a taxi from Marbella or San Pedro and arrive in style and comfort.

I hope this helps and that it's not too late! Have a great stay, thanks for writing in and best wishes from Marbella.


raupe said...

Hi Mike, great service!

I will be arriving with two friends at Malaga airport in late May of this year to travel on to Guadalmina.

One person in our group uses a wheelchair.
Is the bus service to Marbella from Malaga equipped for disabled passengers?

What mode of transportation would you advise for getting to Guadalmina?

Mike Drury said...

Hi Raupe,

Thank you very much for writing in and your kind words. I've just phoned the Portillo bus company help line: 902 143 144 to ask if the airport to Marbella service could assist a wheel chair user and after being switched around I was told that they didn't think so, confirming what I had thought.

There is a company on the Costa del Sol specialising in transport for wheelchair users. I can't think why I don't have their details but I can certainly find them for you.

You could take the train from the airport as far as Fuengirola train station. There are lifts at both ends. The Fuengirola taxi company can then complete the journey to Guadalmina in a vehicle equipped to take a wheelchair. This would need reserving. The train to Fuengirola would reduce the overall taxi fare but I imagine it would also depend on how fresh and adventurous everyone is feeling after arriving in Malaga. It's a 30 minute journey from the airport by train to Fuengirola.

I've just phoned the Marbella taxi company, Taxisol Tel: 95277 44 88 and they told me that they have vehicles equipped to take a wheelchair. The cost during the day on a weekday from the airport to Marbella is the normal day fare €72 (May 2011), I forgot to ask how much it would be to Guadalmina (about €15 more I guess) and there would be a supplement of 20% for the wheel chair. They would need a reservation a few days in advance with a name, contact telephone, number of travellers and flight details.

I'll be more than happy to check everything out again before you fly Raupe or help with the reservation process. Let me know how this sounds or if I can give you any more information.

Best wishes from Marbella


pdg54 said...

Hi Mike,

Found your blog when investigating options for Malaga Airport to Marbella. My daughter and 5 friends are arriving in Malaga tomorrow, yes no planning!!!! and need to get to the Marbella area. Is the bus from the airport still as reliable as it seems to have been in the past?
Or between five of them is it reasonable to get a taxi that can take them direct to their final destination?

I know this is similar to other posts but just need to convince them of the right answer.

Thanks in advance for a great service.


Mike Drury said...

Ooops Pete

Sorry, I should have replied yesterday! Yes the bus is still the best option. It's very reliable and is also the most economical means too.

Unfortunately five of them won't be able to travel in the same taxi, there's a limit of four passengers so I think the price of two taxis will help to convince them of the usefulnessof taking the bus.

My daughters would also prefer to take a taxi. Did we bring them up wrong? If it's Dad paying, then Dad has a right to choose the mode of travel...

Pete sorry again for not replying earlier. Hopefully the girls will be here in Marbella safely and have travelled by bus as well.

Thank you for your kind words, I am always pleased to know the pages help.

Best wishes from Marbella


Anonymous said...

Mike, great service answering everyone's questions!

How do you recommend I get to Los Arqueros urbanisation? Flight arrives 21:15.


Mike Drury said...

Hello Petrus

Thanks very much for writing in.

I would take the Malaga airport bus to Marbella, you'll get in at 21.15 so you'll need to take the 22.00 out of the airport. You'll get to Marbella bus station at 22.45 or a little before.

From there, if you are feeling tired after your travelling so far, take a taxi up to Los Arqueros. I've just phoned the Benahavis taxi company Tel: 952 86 90 90 and the girl told me the cost of a taxi from Marbella to Los Arqueros would be €20 up to 10pm and then €25 after 10pm. The price could vary just a little. Check with the driver though at the bus station. All the fares are written down in a book.

I got a little runaround with the Marbella taxi company and the Benahavis company (Los Arqueros comes under Benahavis) each one telling me to phone the other!

To keep costs down if you are feeling up to it, you could also take the next bus to Estepona, they leave on the hour and on the half hour, then get off at the San Pedro de Alcantara bus stop. If you Google it, it should come up. It's about another 20 minutes onwards from Marbella.

There's a taxi rank on the big San Pedro roundabout and from there it shouldn't cost more than €15 to get up to Los Arqueros. I don't think you will save more than about €10 by travelling a bit further on the bus and maybe you might just want to taxi up in style.

I hope this helps you Petrus, thank you for your kind words and for your contact.

Best wishes from Marbella


Tony said...

Hello Mike, very informative blog!

A quick question regarding Villacana.. I read the previous post about the marbella-estepona bus and was wondering if you have a time-table/duration for the Villacana stop goin back toward marbella? I have an early flight from malaga and think i will need the 07.15 from marbella.. Can i use this bus service or would a taxi be a reasonable alternative?


Mike Drury said...

Hi Tony, thank you very much for writing in, I'm glad the blog is helpful!

You're just out of luck with the bus I'm afraid. If you copy and paste the URL below into your browser, you'll see that the first bus out of Estepona leaves at 6.30am but takes an hour and ten minutes to get to Marbella.

I think a taxi from Villacana to Marbella bus station will be your best bet. The good thing is that with what you will save by going by bus from Marbella to the airport, the taxi won't be all that expensive in terms of the overall journey. I would try to get to bus station by 7am to get into the queue to get your ticket. Of course if you are passing through the bus station on your way to Villacana, book your seat then. You can book up to 7 days in advance.

I hope that helps you Tony, have a great stay and a good journey back.

Best wishes from Marbella Mike

Tony said...

Thanks for that info mike,

Do you know how long roughly the taxi from villacan-marbella takes?

Also is the taxi office easy to find


Mike Drury said...

Hi Tony

The Estepona taxi company's phone number is Tel: 952 80 29 00. I would book the taxi the day before for pick up at Villacana. I'm sure Villacana Reception will have a standing arrangement with the Estepona company and they will be pleased to do it for you. The taxi will pick you up from Villacana Reception or the entrance to the urbanisation and then continue on up the coast to Marbella.

To be on the safe side, book the pickup for 20 minutes before you want to arrive at Marbella bus station. The journey should only take 15 minutes at that time of the morning. The older I get the more time I build in to travel schedules!

Have a great stay and trip home Tony.

Best wishes Mike

Brian Williams said...

Mike, Any idea whether child seats are necessary for the bus ride from Malaga to Marbella. We are bringing our 10 month old and 2 yr old.

Mike Drury said...

Hi Brian

Thank you very much for writing in. No, you don't need to use car seats in the Malaga airport bus for the children.

My wife and I were on the bus in the other direction on Thursday on the 13.15 service to the airport, we are in Essen right now and I noted that there are no seatbelts for the adult passengers either.

At the other end, taxis don't need to supply car seats although all private cars must have them fitted.

It's a very comfortable journey, there's room in the aisle to move around once you get underway and you'll be able to fit the prams or push chairs into the luggage compartment under the bus, just keeping enough onboard for the 45minute journey on the very safe toll road.

It was really warm when we left so make sure the children keep drinking and you both have bottles of water to sip.

Have a great stay Brian. Best wishes


Lizzie said...

Hi Mike,

A friend and I are going to Marbella for three nights two weeks today and our flight lands at 21.30 in Malaga - am I right in thinking the next bus will be the 22.45? Are there any other buses that we could catch which would mean we are not hanging around in the airport too long?

Also, for the return leg, our flight is at 22.05 on the Sunday night - do the buses run on Sundays?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Mike Drury said...

Hi Lizzie

Thanks very much for writing in. The bus timetable has just changed and if you land at 21.30 and can get out in time, the next bus will be at 22.00. After that the next and last bus is 23.45.

During the day I'll update the timetable on Gomarbella.

Yes, no problem at all travelling on a Sunday. There are buses every day of the week. From Marbella bus station you might want to take either the 18.45 or the 20.00 bus. My wife always seems to find something to buy when we are travelling through the airport so the shopping must be good if you would like to get there a bit early.

Best wishes Lizzie and have a great stay in Marbella.


Lizzie said...

Hi Mike, thanks for your response. Do you think we'd be out in time to catch that 22.00 bus? I suppose it depends on whether the plane lands on time or not...

Maybe we would be better off booking a shuttle bus for when we land and then catching the bus back. If we didn't book anything and then missed the bus are there shuttle buses that you can book there and then to take you into Marbella?



Mike Drury said...

Hi Lizzie

If it's Easyjet or Ryanair you should arrive on time and that will give you just enough time to get the bus. You can help speed things up by sitting near the front of the plane and be off a few minutes earlier and then legging it to passport control so that you are near the front of that queue. Last night when I came through, there was only one immigration officer checking passports for a full plane load of Easyjet passengers which was ridiculous. I only had a carry on bag but I saw the luggage had started to come through already by the time I passed the carousel.

The transfer buses work out rather expensive if you can possibly travel on the airport shuttle bus to Marbella and need to be booked in advance. I think I would take my chances on catching the 22.00 bus and if the plane is delayed, have a drink and snack at the bar/restaurant next to Arrivals, it will be open and then take the 23.45 bus to Marbella. You'll save a lot of money!

Start looking for the bus about 20 minutes before its departure time. It won't go early, but at least you'll be sure not to miss it!

I hope that helps Lizzie, I'm sure everything will go fine.

Best wishes from Marbella


Anonymous said...


Can you kindly confirm the current times of the bus from Malaga to Marbela. Your website has more times than the bus timetable found on which I think is the official timetable?

Is there another bus to M-320?


Mike Drury said...

Dear Anonymous, so sorry to reply so late. I completely missed your email.

Rather use this site run by Avanza bus which operate the Portillo airport bus. You'll have to put in Malaga Aeropuerto as your Origen. Marbella as Destino.

I'm pleased to say that the Gomarbella bus timetable is also uptodate. I checked times with the Marbella bus station just this afternoon. I hope this does not come too late for your journey.

Best wishes and thank you for writing in. Mike

michael said...

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Nasir said...

We are going to visit Purto Banus in February. Our return flight to Canada departs from Malaga airport at 8:00 hours. We should get to the airport at about 5 or 5:30 in the morning. What is the best way to get to the airport at that time, taxis or shttle? Should we go to Malaga the night before.? Thanks. Nasir & Jennifer, Ottawa

Mike Drury said...

Hi Nasir and Jennifer, thank you very much for checking in all the way from Canada.

If you already have accommodation in Puerto Banus or surrounds, I wouldn't bother with moving to Malaga the night before.

At that time of the morning there will be no traffic on the road between Marbella and Malaga airport and I would calculate 40 to 45 minutes door to door from Puerto Banus to kerbside drop off at the airport. Even with traffic I can make it in 35 minutes from the centre of Marbella to the airport.

If you have the option ask for the AP7 toll road stretch between Marbella and Fuengirola, it's about €5 more in winter and very comfortable and you eliminate any (very rare) traffic road repairs or accident road blockages along the coast road.

If you take the taxi option, pre-book it the day before giving the driver your address details.

Have a great trip to Puerto Banus, the weather is really great at the moment!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike there are a group of us going to Puerto Banus in September for a birthday but will be arriving over different days and are therefore looking for the best way to transfer from the airport as a mini bus wouldn't be required. In some previous posts (2009) you have quoted taxi prices of around 70 euros, do you have current prices to expect to pay for a return journey and the details of the taxi companies. Thank you for your help. Jane.

Mike Drury said...

Hi Jane, apologies for the delay in replying. I have just phoned the Marbella taxi company Tel: +34 952 77 44 88 to check the current price of a taxi from Marbella to Malaga airport.

The girl told me much to my surprise that the system of charging changed on 20th March 2012. The taxi driver now charges per kilometre. I pressed her but she could not or would not tell me. I don't think that the price will have gone up much. Last year the journey cost €65 during the day. If you work on €60 to €70 I doubt if it will be any more. Nearly all prices on the Costa del Sol are being held down.

The taxi fleet in Marbella is very up to date technologically and this will be part of the upgrading. If you order a taxi locally you can pay by Visa, just let the company know in advance when you book the taxi.

There are always taxis waiting at the airport, it's a different taxi company but their charges will not be more or less than the local Marbella taxi company.

I think your best friend for the group transport with everyone coming at different times, will be the shuttle bus from Malaga airport to Marbella bus station. The fare is less than €6 one way at the moment. Google "Malaga airport bus Gomarbella" and you'll get the present winter timetable. The summer timetable takes effect from mid June with lots more services each day and goes back to the winter table around mid September so you'll need to keep an eye out for changes depending on when the birthday party is.

Let me know if I can help at all Jane with any other suggestions, thank you very much for writing in. Best greetings from Marbella. Mike

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike for your help and information. I'll share it with the group and no doubt we'll find the best way for us.
Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hi mike Iam travelling to puerto Banus on Monday 1320 flight into Malaga i know I need to get bus to Marbella is it easier getting a taxi to puerto Banus or is there a bus I could get

Many thanks

Mike Drury said...

Hi there, I just got back from two days on the Algarve this afternoon so you will already have arrived. Sorry about that. The answer is you can bus from Marbella bus station to Puerto Banus but it takes ages and with all the money you have saved using the airport bus, just get a taxi and arrive in style. Sorry again to have missed your arrival. Have a great stay, best wishes Mike

Ulrika ljungberg said...

Hi Mike!

I will arrive at Malaga 22.20 sunday17th of june and wonder wich the best way to get to marbella/Puertos banus?
Wien i looked at the schedule it seems like that the last bus will depart at 22.20. Can you please tell me what my alternatives are?

Tank you,

Ulrika ljungberg said...

Hi Mike!

I will arrive at Malaga 22.20 sunday17th of june and wonder wich the best way to get to marbella/Puertos banus?
Wien i looked at the schedule it seems like that the last bus will depart at 22.20. Can you please tell me what my alternatives are?

Tank you,

Mike Drury said...

Hi Ulrika, I have just double checked with the pages and the last bus to Marbella is at 22.30 as you say. Then I looked on the train site pages (Cercanias Aeropuerto to Fuengirola) and the last train to Fuengirola from the airport is at 22.42. Unless your plane is early and you don't have to wait for luggage, you probably will not get there on time either. In July Avanza bus should have more services especially later at night when they operate a summer schedule but this won't help you.

I'm really sorry but it looks as if you will have to catch a taxi, could be around €65 euros, perhaps a bit more travelling after 10pm.

Ulrika, sometimes the Avanza bus website does not show services which are operating or it shows services which do not operate. There is just a small chance that there is a later bus which does not show on the website. I'll email them and double check. If there is good news I'll tell you. If not, best to keep some euros for a taxi. Have a brilliant time when you come, it's lovely and sunny and warm. A couple of glasses of cold white wine when you are here and all the pain will go. Best wishes Mike

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike
your advice looks good! We all arrive at Malaga Airport a week next Monday travelling on to Puertos Banus. I note your advice to get the Marbella bus then a taxi. My query is that there are 5 of us, 2 adults with 3 children aged 16, 13 & 9 and we will have luggage to. Will we be able to find one taxi at the bus station to take us all or will I have to hire two taxis?

Mike Drury said...

Hi there, I'm glad the suggestions on Gomarbella are helpful! Yes, you will need to take two taxis to move the five travellers. It will be well worth it to finish the journey in comfort. As I'm sure you know, Puerto Banus actually covers a large area and if your accommodation is on the other side of the main road from the sea, then you will appreciate a taxi right to your doorstep.

At Marbella bus station there is a taxi rank right outside the bus station and it refills constantly so if you miss the first taxis after the surge of passengers off your bus, wait a couple of minutes and there'll be more along in a moment. I would estimate €15 per taxi. All the Marbella taxis have meters now and the old book of fares is a thing of the past.

The weather in early July is brilliant, warm, no rain at all! I hope you have a great stay and easy travelling. Best wishes Mike

Anonymous said...


We are due to land at Malaga Airport at 21:20 this Saturday. We did have a hire car booked, but on learning that they won't accept payment by debit card unless we take out additional insurance we have cancelled our booking. We are staying at Marriott Playa Andaluza, 3 miles towards Estepona from Puerto Banus. Please could you tell me if there is a bus we can catch late Saturday night from the airport to get us to our resort, or as near as possible? Thank you. Faye

Mike Drury said...

Hi Faye, thank you very much for writing in. I am sorry to hear about the rental car. They do insist on a credit card to take a deposit, even if you organise your own insurance.

The best option for you will be take the 22.30 bus from the airport to Marbella. It's a 45 minute journey so you'll just miss the last bus of the evening to Estepona which leaves Marbella at 23.00. This bus would have taken you closer to Marriotts Playa Andaluza, but the good news is you can use this bus in the opposite direction to take you back to Marbella bus station and then from Marbella, the airport bus to Malaga airport, when you go home. You can check timetables on

So from Marbella bus station, when you get there at 23.15 on Saturday evening, take a taxi from outside the bus station to the Marriots resort. Being after 20.00 in the evening, I would reckon on around €30. The taxis in Marbella have all got meters so the final price will show up on the meter. It may be a bit more or it may be a bit less.

Once at the resort, you can use the bus which travels between Marbella and Estepona in both directions to get up and down the coast. The bus stop is about 800 metres from the resort.

I hope this helps you Faye, thanks again for writing in and have a great visit. Mike

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike

Myself and my good wife are coming to Puerto Banus on the 16th April, for 6 days, staying at the H10 Andalucia Plaza.

We arrive at 9.55am local time, and having done some research I think the earliets bus we can take to Marbella (then get a taxi on to our Hotel) is at 12.00 noon (there is one at 10.15 but I very much doubt we'll clear arrivals in time)

My question is, as there is a limited schedule until June, do you think there will be a huge queue for that 12.00 noon bus?

I really cant be doing with pushing and barging to get a seat, so I would probably opt for taxi.

What do you reckon?

Also, if we do get the bus, where do we get off in Puerto Banus to be closest to the H10?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Chris. S.

Mike Drury said...

Hi Chris, thank you very much for writing in. I've just checked and there is another bus at 11.30 so the wait would not be quite as long. In checking, I have just realised that I have replied too late to you. I offer my sincerest apologies.

I was going to say that travelling at this time of the year, the bus would not be full. The airport bus, as you will have found out will take you directly to the Marbella bus station and you would take the taxi from there to the H10. As I write this on Sunday evening, it's raining. I hope the sun comes out for your during the week and that your stay is comfortable. I do feel bad about replying too late especially when you gone to the trouble to research your journey and write to me.

With very best wishes Chris and thanks again for your contact. Mike

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike
I am going to Puerto Banus and have a friend who picks me up in Marbella. Where do I buy my bus-ticket, on the bus or at the airport? How long time does the busride take? Can I buy a return ticket? If not possible or if i forget, can I buy a ticket at the busstation when leaving Spain? When leaving Spain I have to take a flight at 0630 :(. Is it possible to stay at the airport over the night or does it close between midnight and 0500? Last question what is the price for a ticket. That was all!!!
Best regards Göran Ramsgård

Mike Drury said...

Hi Göran, I hope I am not replying too late. If you arrive before 20.00 you buy the tickets at the ticket office just outside the Arrivals at Malaga airport. After 20.00 you buy your tickets on the bus. You can buy a return ticket from the ticket office at the airport but not on the bus. It doesn't save any money. Yes, you can buy your ticket to go back to the airport from Marbella bus station, try to get to the bus station at least 20 minutes early in case there is a queue of people buying tickets.

Leaving Malaga airport at 06.30 is not so easy. I don't think they close the airport at night, in Sevilla airport they do. If you have to go outside, it's a bit cold at the moment! The price is only eight euros at the most. It's very good value. If you haven't come to Spain yet, let me know and I'll phone the airport and see if you can sleep or at least sit inside.

Thank you very much for writing Göran, I hope you have a great visit. Let me know if I can help. Best wishes Mike

Liz said...

Hi, I arrive at Malaga aieport at 11.10PM. I gave seen 2 different schedules that say the last Marbella express leaves at 11pm and then another says 11.30pm.

Can I get to marbella on 28th April and do you know any hostels/pensione that would accept travellers that late? I am en route to Gibraltar having walked the Camino so time is a little precious!

Mike Drury said...

Hi Liz, I checked my Gomarbella aiport bus link a few days ago and the 22.30 last bus from Malaga airport to Marbella (winter schedule) service still stands. I've just checked again on the Avanza / Portillo bus site and it shows 22.30 also so your late flight in won't allow you to take the bus to Marbella either.

Have you thought of taking the train into Malaga city instead? It's an eight minute journey to the Maria Zambrano train station,there are trains every 20 minutes and you can stay in a hostal near the train and bus stations? They are right next door to each other and then the next morning you take one of the first buses out of Malaga to La Linea on the border with Gibraltar.

The first bus out of Malaga bus station leaves at 07.00 and arrives at La Linea at 10.00 and the next one leaves at 11.00 and arrives at La Linea at 13.00. Cost (2013) €15.02.

If that sounds OK let me know via the blog or Facebook and I'll suggest a hostal for you in Malaga. Well done on walking the Camino, what a great experience! You'll be glad to look out of a window and see the countryside whizzing by from the comfort of your seat.

Are you flying or sailing out of Gibraltar? Possibly walking from Seville back to Santiago de Compostela on the Via de la Plata?

Best wishes from Marbella, Mike

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike.

Your blog is very informative. We are renting a house in El Rosario in July 7 kids, 7 adults. Where is the nearest bus stop to get us to Paurta Banus or Fuengerola. We are trying to manage without a car.

Thankyou in advance

Mike Drury said...

Hi there, thank you for writing in and your kind words. I'll give a link to the bus stops between Fuengirola and Marbella, you have a choice of two bus stops. If you walk up from the either bus stop to the roundabout next to the El Rosario Tennis Club, I'm sure there's a taxi rank there or one of the restaurants would be pleased to call a taxi for you. I mention a taxi because El Rosario is a big urbanisation and your house may be a little way from the road. If it's up at the back you certainly wouldn't want to be pulling suitcases in the heat.

Here's the link:

You need the Los Alicates or Colegio Las Chapas bus stops.

I can't do anything this weekend but if you are not travelling for a few days, tell me what road you are staying in and I'll give you more accurate advice. Distance from the road could be the only drawback. You could manage without a car by using a taxi to get you down the bus stop and back up again.

Hope this helps yourplanning. Best wishes Mike