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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Skol Apartments in Marbella

Penny asked me "Am staying at the Skol Apartments and want to know where the nearest bus stop is for me to get to San Pedro de Alcantará - a map would be very useful! - many thanks."

I wrote back to say " Penny, here is a map of
where Skol Apartments are in Marbella.

From your Skol Apartment walk up to Avenida Ricardo Soriano which is the main street in Marbella, past the Parque de la Constitución on your right.

The bus stop you need is on the other side of the main road, just where you see the "o" at the end of the word Soriano. You can't cross the road at that point but there is a pedestrian crossing on the other side of the big intersection.

If you look at this
list of bus stops between Marbella and Estepona you will see that yours is called the Old Portillo stop. This is where the old Portillo bus station was. There is no trace of the bus station now!

I hope that helps you and that you have a great visit.


Anonymous said...

Hi am arriving in Malaga on the 17th of June and just wondering the best and most affordable way to travel from airport to globales cortigo blanco hotel in San pedro de alcantara for two adults and one child!! Kind regards Tracy

Mike Drury said...

Hi Tracy, I hope you get this OK. Basically you should take the airport bus to Marbella and then change to the local bus from Marbella bus station which goes to Fuengirola. Because of the big tunnel works that are near the Hotel Cortijo Blanco I wouldn't try to get off at the bus stop on the other side of the road of the hotel, rather go on to the San Pedro de Alcantara bus stop. It's on a big roundabout, you will actually pass the hotel on the left but go on to the San P bus stop as I suggested and then from there, take a taxi back to the hotel. It won't be more than €8 at most if you are arriving during the day.

Going back the other way towards Marbella and the airport, the bus stop right outside the Hotel Cortijo Blanco works to perfection. It's just the other one that's problematical at the moment. Hopefully mid June everything will be working fine but the tunnel has taken two years to build and may just not be ready for your arrival!

Here's a link to give you a general idea: Tracy please write again if I can help you. I'll be away for five days but I can help you when you get back. Best wishes from Marbella. Mike