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Monday, 27 July 2009

Hertz car rental email address and telephone number at Malaga airport

Back in January this year I had this exchange with Daniel from Canada:

Daniel: "I'm looking for the email address of the Hertz car rental office at Málaga airport but I can't find it anywhere. Do you know where I can find this information? Thank you."

Mike: "Hello Daniel, I picked up your email yesterday while visiting my grandchildren in London yesterday and so on my way back through the airport last night I walked down the long ramp from arrivals to the Hertz division in the Malaga airport car hire section.

I stood in line to get the information and at the Hertz desk itself I was given the web address of the Hertz car rental department at
Málaga airport as I haven't checked it yet but you should be able to find the email address on the site. Best wishes from Marbella, Mike"

Daniel: "Hello Mike, I tried the web address for the Hertz car hire at Málaga airport you sent me but unfortunately it doesn't work. Thank you for your help anyway, I appreciate it."

Mike: "Hello Daniel, I should have tried it myself before I sent it to you. I asked the fellow to repeat it three times. I have just tried it too and it didn't work. Anyway I looked up the central Hertz number in the Spanish Yellow Pages and after getting the run around with recorded voices and extensions I managed to found a live voice and a live operator.

The agent gave me the telephone number of the Hertz desk at Málaga airport as 95 223 30 86 and so I phoned them and the girl there gave me the email address as Obviously the guy behind the desk last night had no idea about email addresses.

Try that and see if you get through to them. Best wishes Mike"

Footnote: I didn't hear back from Daniel but I imagine he managed to make contact with the Hertz desk at the airport. At least I hope so.


Justin Parks said...

Hi Mike,

I build websites and do all this SEO and social media type stuff and this type of situation is actually quite typical here in Spain and on the Costa Del Sol when it comes to gathering information like that on companies.

Some do it well and others are non existent.

We have tied many times to find ways of cataloguing and indexing information like these for companies here and you can imagine how difficult it is when you see the effort that goes into it to get a phone number, something that should be simple and available.

Fair play to you for going to all that trouble for Daniel. I hope he got it sorted.

Mike Drury said...

Hi Justin, thanks for your comment. Yes, sometimes it needs quite a lot of ingenuity to find something which should be easily available.

When I first got to Spain, I treated it all as a challenge, rather like a survival test.

I mean I wouldn't want Andalucia to suddenly become as efficient as Germany but sometimes it would be great if you knew for sure that today's post would bring the router you need. Or anything else that you're waiting for for that matter.

Hope your comment above means that your router is in place and functioning.

I'll be back to your site to get some behind the scenes tips on blogging and tweeting.