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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Malaga Airport to Estepona Bus Station

Aarti wrote in to ask. "Please could you tell me what buses go from Malaga Airport to Estepona? I will be arriving at Malaga airport in mid June, also what are the ticket rates?"

I wrote back to say: "Hi Aarti, the easiest way to get to Estepona from Malaga airport is to take the dedicated Malaga airport to Marbella bus. Remember to look in the timetable at the column showing the winter departures column from the airport. This one way ticket on the bus costs just under €4.50 per person for the 45 minute journey.

To catch the Malaga airport bus to Marbella you come out of arrivals, turn right and about 50 metres along the pavement you will see the bus stop. You buy your tickets as you get on the bus.

When you get to the Marbella bus station, take the bus to Estepona, check through here on the Costa del Sol bus page for the Marbella Bus Schedules. Look for the MARBELLA - ESTEPONA route.

The ticket will be less than five euros so y
ou can get from Malaga airport to Estepona by bus and have a cup of coffee in the Marbella bus station all for less than 10 euros!

I hope this helps you with your planning Aarti, have a good trip." Mike

PS: You can now do online bus ticket reservations through the gomarbella reservation system.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I am arriving at Malaga Airport next Tuesday at 21:05 unfortunately it will be very difficult for anyone to collect me. I need to get to either La Linea bus station or the alameda in San Roque (which I know there is a bus to there from La Linea). I have looked through your blogs and it seems there are no buses this late at night. Do you have any suggestions and how much will it cost. P.S. I do have luggage but it is only me.

Mike Drury said...

Hi there, you'll be in time to catch the 22.30 airport bus to Marbella bus station arriving at 23.10. Buy your ticket on the bus, the current price is €7 (2012 summer) as the ticket office just outside Arrivals closes at 20.00.

From Marbella you'll have to take a taxi from just outside the bus station because the last bus down to La Linea will have left at 18:00. Last year during the day a taxi to La Linea was €76. It'll be quicker for you to go directly to San Roque which is actually a little closer than La Linea but as you are travelling after 10pm, the fares go up a few euros so I am guessing that the fare will be around €85 or less.

From Malaga airport to La Linea would cost around €125 so you will be keeping costs down by taking the airport bus to Marbella first. Hope this helps. Travel well and have a great stay. Thanks for writing in. Mike

Anonymous said...


We arrive on 26 July flight gets into Malaga at 21:30, so I assume once we have got through customs and collected out luggage it will be after 10. Is it still possible to get to estepina by bus at this time of night?


Mike Drury said...

Hi, if you are coming in from a non EU country, clearing customs does take slightly longer, but it's only basically retrieving your luggage and putting it through the scanner and you might just make the 22.00 airport bus to Marbella. I mention that bus because the last direct bus to Estepona leaves at 21.00.

If you make the 22.00 airport bus to Marbella (get your ticket on the bus after 8pm) you'll get to Marbella at 22.45. The next

buses from Marbella to Estepona leave at: 22.50, 23.10 and 23.25. (Summer schedule only).

If you don't make the 22.00 bus from the airport, you have two options. 1) Take a taxi all the way to Estepona or 2) Wait for

the last bus of the day to Marbella leaving at 23.45. From Marbella bus station take a taxi to Estepona from the rank outside the bus station. You'll save about €50 by doing part of the journey to Estepona by bus. I would estimate the cost of a taxi to Estepona from the airport at around €100, costs go up slightly after 10pm.

Hope this helps you, travel well and welcome to the Costa del Sol. Mike for the airport bus schedule

Anonymous said...

Hi, My son and a friend will arrive to Malaga Airport next Wendesday around noon. They will catch up with us at Estepona and are planning to go by bus. How offen does the buses to Estepona go from the Airport? Where do they find the buses? Do they have to change somewhere? Thanks for your answer!

Mike Drury said...

Hi there, thank you for writing in. There are not so many direct buses from Estepona, only two at the moment in the winter timetable, copy this link into your browser and it will show you the timetable from the airport to Estepona and back again. Your son and the friend will miss the morning bus I think.

I suggest that they take the shuttle bus to Marbella bus station and then from there, catch the very next bus to Estepona. Look at the timetable below after copying it into your browser
You'll see the timetable for both buses. At the airport if they walk straight out from Arrivals, they'll see the bus stop in front of them.

I hope this helps you and you have a good family reunion.

Best wishes from Marbella Mike