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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Dunnes Stores Fuengirola

Dunnes Stores shown here in the picture is on the outskirts of Fuengirola just out of town off the A7 autovia where it rings Fuengirola on the Marbella side. Very conveniently situated with covered parking it's right between the Miramar commercial centre out of sight to the left of the photo and the Parque Miramar shopping centre at the end of the road on the left in the picture.

If you are driving towards Dunnes Stores Fuengirola from the Marbella side, exit the A7 at the first Fuengirola sign and at the roundabout turn left under the road. At the next roundabout turn right. Dunne's Stores Fuengirola is the first shop a little further along on the left.

It has a great range of reasonably priced children's and adults' clothes, shoes and fashion accessories and is packed everyday with British shoppers looking for good quality clothing at knockdown prices.

Right next door to Dunnes Stores Fuengirola is DM Brico, a well stocked hardware shop where the assistants will actually come to you and ask if they can help. Next door again is Lidl with great South American wines at giveaway prices and selling a range of bargain food, drink and household items again with plenty of free covered car parking.

A magnet for discerning Costa del Sol shoppers, just inside the store is a great little cafeteria which caters for expatriates needing anything from a full English breakfast through to carrot cake or good and inexpensive tapas and drinks.

New stock arrives every Thursday to fill the shelves and the home furnishing department is a must for good quality sheets and towels. The childrens' department in Dunnes Stores Fuengirola is second to none with colourful and practical garments.

Dunnes also have branches in Fuengirola town centre, Coin, Vélez Málaga and Malaga and all of them are definitely worth a visit.

If you've got this far you are probably wondering why I am suddenly writing about shopping centres. Well I get most of my shirts, long trousers, summer shorts, polo shirts, gym T shirts not to mention trainers from Dunnes. Like I said, it's good quality, cheap, the coffee's good and there's a great hardware shop next door. Dunnes has great stuff for the grandchildren too. I got bored yesterday morning and wandered outside and took the photo from the pedestrian footbridge over the A7 next to Dunnes. Happy shopping!

Contact details:

Dunnes Stores Fuengirola Commercial Centre

Hiper Andalucia
Avda La Depuradora, s/n
29650 Mijas Costa

Tel: + 34 952 47 80 00

Dunnes Stores Fuengirola Town Centre
C/ Jacinto Benavente 2
29640 Fuengirola, Spain

Tel: + 34 952 197 109

Dunnes Stores Malaga City
Avenida Aurora 25
29002 Malaga, Spain

Tel: + 34 952 369 499

Dunnes Stores Coin
Commercial Centre La Trocha
Carretera Cártama KM 1,
Coin, Malaga

+34 951 315 068

Dunnes Stores near Vélez Málaga
Avenida Juan Carlos I s/n
29740 Velez-Malaga,

Tel: + 34 952 542 488


Anonymous said...

Hi my daughter is spending a month in spain this year with friends. We have always driven but this time she will have to use the bus. She will be staying in calahonda ( the coast side) and i was wondering if you could help with the following. 1. How does she get the bus to the water park in fuengirola? 2. Is it possible to use the same bus for Miramar shopping centre(is dunnes walkable from miramar) and 3. If going the other way to Marbella which stop should she get off at for shopping and the old town (we normally park off the main street right in the heart of marbella close to the small casino/gardens area) and when returning to calahonda where does she catch the bus? Lastly how does she get to La Canada which i presume is a bus into and then out if Marbella? Thanks very much apologies for all the questions. Melanie

Mike Drury said...

Hi Melanie, thank you very much for writing in.

1) The simplest way to get to the Aqua Park in Fuengirola is to take the Marbella to Fuengirola bus from the nearest bus stop on the sea side of Calahonda, there are three bus stops in Calahonda and get off at the Fuengirola bus station. From the Fuengirola bus station in summer there is a dedicated bus service to the water park. I remember asking the receptionist at the water park last year about the bus timetable, it is frequent. Here's the link:, click on the English flag to get to the information about the water park.

2) Yes, Dunnes is walkable from Miramar but the sun is cruel at the moment and sun cream and water bottles are advisable although perhaps not so cool for daughters... Dunnes is my wife's favourite shop and she can't get past the stand on the left as you go in with amazing little dresses at €3 without buying something for our grandaughter. Most of my clothes come from there too.

Melanie, have a look at this link: Click on the top photo to enlarge it and on the right, just out of the picture is the Sohail castle. It's the Sohail Castle bus stop below the castle where she must get off for Dunnes and Miramar. She'll need to use the pedestrian footbridge visible at the end of the road to cross the busy A7. From the footbridge she'll see the two shopping centres. The water park is also walking distance from Dunnes by crossing the A7 again but it's best to leave that for a separate outing. On the same blog you'll find a list of all the bus stops between Marbella and Fuengirola with the Sohail bus stop mentioned.

3) Going shopping in Marbella, your daughter should catch the bus from Calahonda on the other side of the road and get off at the Marbella Centro bus stop just past the Alameda Park (next to where you usually park.) She'll see the park on the left, big shady trees with a fountain in the middle and her bus stops just after the Alameda Park on the right.

To get up to the La Cañada shopping centre, she'll need the L1 interurban bus from the centre of Marbella, that's the Marbella Centro bus stop on the corner of the Alameda Park in front of Cafeteria Marbella, just over the road from where she got off her bus coming from Calahonda. Copy into your browser and then the tab Mapas de Lineas y Horarios and the L1 route will come up first. The buses come at regular intervals between 20 and 30 minutes depending on the traffic. It also stops at the Marbell Center mentioned above on the way up to La Cañada. The bus stop at La Cañada is on the outside edge of the car park. Careful of traffic overtaking the parked bus and crossing the car park.

To get back to Calahonda she should take the L1 back down from La Cañada down to the centre (Marbella Centro) get off there, cross the road to the sea side of the road and walk one block back from the Alameda Park back towards Fuengirola, she'll come to the Marbell Centre, a big curved building on her right, on the sea side and she'll see the Marbella Centre bus stop there.

I hope it all goes well, that this is useful and she can find the stops. Give her a pep talk about looking after her possessions on the beach,on the bus and in shopping centres. The recession is biting and there are some very light fingered people about.

Best wishes from Marbella Mike