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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Tango in Marbella

World renowned tango teacher Eduardo Tapia fourth from the left in the back row was giving his last tango class on his tour of Spain before returning to Buenos Aires back in May this year.

Well known Costa del Sol tango teacher Graciela Heredia fourth from the right in the back row organised the class held at the Argentinean restaurant El Teleuche on the road to Benahavis.

Tango in Spain is big and there is a milonga at least once a week somewhere on the Costa del Sol.

If you are looking for information on tango classes and milongas in the area, let me know in the contact box on this page.
By the way, have you spotted me in the group?


Anonymous said...

En Luna de Enfrente el profesor y bailarín Eduardo Tapia reúne a novatos y profesionales en sus talleres de tango para todos los niveles. Más que una clase de tango, es una invitación para ahondar en la esencia del tango danza y en la expresión propia del ritmo y el sentimiento tanguero. Eduardo Tapia, formado con eminencias del tango milonguero, acompaña a los bailarines hasta donde se atrevan a llegar, según sus intereses (aprender, divertirse, perfeccionarse, aprender nuevos estilos), consciente de que la herramienta más valiosa que puede legar a sus alumnos es esa esencia tanguera que sus maestros supieron transmitirle para que se convierta en expresión individual.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing you're the guy featured front right in prime spot ... while Eduardo Tapia is the guy hidden at the very back!

Thought you may like to see these shots of the tango dancer in action!

Mike Drury said...

Hi and thanks for the photos, it was good to have another look at Eduardo Tapia on the tango floor. I liked his teaching style, he had conviction and was very attentive to the members of the class who ranged from beginners right through to teachers of tango.

You are right about the photo and you also saw how Eduardo put himself modestly in the back row...

Please send him best regards from Marbella and say we all hope he'll be back with us on his next tour. You will be very welcome too!

Karla Bourland said...

I am 55, and interested in learning spanish and improving my tango--sometime this winter. I am considering Spain, Argentina, and Mexico, and I hope to stay for about 6 weeks.

Any specific recommendations for a tango instructor in your area?



Mike Drury said...

Hi Karla

Thanks very much for your contact.

That's great that you are considering learning tango and Spanish at the same time.

I've been learning tango for about a year both in group lessons and private classes and there are some really good tango teachers on the Costa del Sol.

I don't know about tango in Mexico, but probably like you I have been googling "tango classes in Buenos Aires" for some time in the future!

About the Costa del Sol and Marbella in particular you could have a really fantastic six weeks here, learning Spanish and tango not to mention other Latin rhythms and dances.

With a combination of group and some private classes you would be out every night of the week practising your steps and your Spanish and meeting some great people in the process.

Karla I will reply fully to you in my very next blog and give you as many suggestions as I can.

Very best wishes from Marbella.


Anonymous said...

HI i am in mijas from 1st to9th jan 2010.
I have been doing argentinian tango for past year and have done a lot of salsa.
Can anyone advise whehter there are any milongas or salsa nights happening during above dates and details.
Many thanks

Mike Drury said...

Hi Sam

Thanks very much for writing in.

There is a milonga "El Tortazo" coming up on the 3rd of January 2010 at the Club Maritimo in Marbella. It's the first milonga of the year coinciding with the first Sunday of the year.

I'll post the full information in Spanish separately (less the menu).

For more information about tango during your stay I suggest you write to Graciela Heredia at

For salsa evenings write to Pilar at MARBELLA BAILA Pilar is the social secretary of the very active local Marbella salsa group. Their website is

I hope you have a great time Sam, there will lots of dancing to be done over the next few days.

Best wishes from Marbella


Mike Drury said...

Estimado amigo en Tango: Como ya les he adelantado en el correo anterior; el

PROXIMO 3 de ENERO de 2010 y 1er DOMINGO del AÑO;

celebraremos el 3er ANIVERSARIO de la Milonga"El Tortazo"

Y como años anteriores lo haremos compartiendo un ALMUERZO de MILONGUEROS, y luego para ser originales haremos nuestra tradicional Milonga del 1er Domingo del mes en el Club Maritimo de Marbella.

El Precio es: Almuerzo 20€, y la Milonga como siempre 3€.

Rogamos confirmar la asistencia antes del 01/01/10, para poder asegurar la reserva dado que el nuevo Restaurante del Club abrirá solo para nosotros.

Pueden realizar pago por transferencia a la cuenta 2100-2231-37-0200293107 Titular Carlos Pascual Concepto: Almuerzo 3er Aniversario Tel: 659 651 369 Fax: 952 82 34 44

Esperamos compartir este principio de Año con todos.

Un abrazo GARUFA

Anonymous said...

Hello Mike,

as I was surfing on the internet I came across your blog. Since I am a tango fan (dancing & watching) aswell as interested in salsa and flamenco and am planning to stay in Marbella for a couple of months (3-4) starting from mid/end February, I would like to ask you for some piece of advice concerning longterm studio letting (from 300,-€/month) perhaps combined with Spanish & dance classes. I am an artist and I wish to work and try to exhibit my work - so living near the seashore with the option of having language and dance classes would be a great compound to start with!
I thank you very much in advance and hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,


Mike Drury said...

Hi Leyla

Thanks very much for writing in.

There´s lots of Spanish language teaching on the go in Marbella and especially tango, salsa, flamenco and even rock and roll dance classes. That´s the easy part!

What´s not so easy is to find a studio for the price you mentioned. It´s more likely that you would get a room in a shared apartment. Curious but despite all the unoccupied accommodation here, the prices don´t seem to drop.

I think you were talking about a studio to live in rather than an art studio? Just checking.

I have emailed my friend Daniela Terraneo also a tango teacher to ask if she can suggest anything regarding accommodation.

Once you have found a place to live, everything else will fall into place.

I'll write back as soon as I have some news from Daniela on a place to stay. In the meantime feel free to keep in touch.

Best wishes from Marbella Leyla


Anonymous said...

Dear Mike,

it is awfully kind of you to ask your friend. Thanks again.

Love from the eternal winter in Germany!