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Sunday, 25 July 2010

moroccan restaurant in marbella

When readers write in to ask for my recommendations for a taste of Morocco I often send them off to Tangier on the ferry or even across to Ceuta (still in Spain) and a quick dip into Morocco from there. Now I am adding the Restaurant Al Manar in Marbella to my taste of Morocco list.

Hardworking Marbella Moroccan restaurant owner Mustapha offers a wide selection of deliciously spiced Moroccan dishes at very reasonable prices. A very substantial lamb Tajin with vegetables served with the traditional brown cone cover costs €8 and in fact the most expensive dish on the menu is the generous Royal Cous Cous with pinchitos Morunos at €11.00 and a tasty Shawarma chicken skewer is €3.50. All food is Halal and wines and beers are served.

If you are visiting the Marbella Monday morning market (El Barato) then the Al Manar is only one block away. Have a Moroccan mint tea with superb sweet cakes and take things easy as you listen to background music including the melodic chant of the Koran.

Dine out in style and take a taxi ride from the centre of Marbella for a minimum €6 fare and then walk back into the centre in the cool of the evening along the Paseo Maritimo from the fishing port just down the road.

I want to stress that this is the real Moroccan restaurant deal in Marbella and the best proof is that Moroccans themselves eat there.

Address and contact telephone for the Al Manar Moroccan restaurant:

Moroccan Restaurant Al Manar
Avda Gral. López Dominguez 5
Edif Bruselas Bajo
29603 Marbella

Tel: 622 196 833
Tel: 95276 46 31

Phone Mustapha 20 minutes in advance if you are driving by to pick up a Moroccan takeway, or to make a table reservation.
Enjoy his unique hospitality and style and get as close to Morocco as you can without even reaching for your passport.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike!
I have a question, Im going to Marbella and are going to stay in a place called Elviria, do you know witch bus i should take from malaga airport to get there?

I would be very happy if you could help me.

Thank you // Victoria

Mike Drury said...

Dear Hobby, thank you very much for the reminder to update the airport bus page, it is much appreciated.

I did it the same day as you wrote in.

I still have to change the bus arrival and departure point at Malaga airport which is now next to the new T3 terminal.

Thank you again for taking the time to write in and especially for using gomarbella.

Best wishes from Marbella and safe travelling.


Mike Drury said...

Hi Victoria

The best way to get to Elviria near Marbella from Malaga aiport is to take the train from the airport to Fuengirola. It takes 45 minutes to get to Fuengirola.

The train for Fuengirola leaves the airport at 17 and 47 minutes past the hour. From Fuengirola train station walk one block to the bus station and take the bus from Fuengirola to Marbella. There are two buses every hour in summer.

Elviria is one of the stops along the way. Just google "List of bus stops between Fuengirola and Marbella" and you will find a very useful gomarbella page which will show you the Elviria bus stop.

You will do the whole journey for less than 10 euros.

Have a great journey and holiday Victoria, best wishes from Marbella, Mike.

Lisa said...

Hi Mike
I have really enjoyed reading all blogs for advice, suggestions and travel.
I have my own request of your knowledge, myself and 5 friends are visiting Marbella at the end of February 2011 staying at El Faro Inn could you tell me what would be the best form of transport to get there?

Also can you confirm I have read somewhere on the internet that there is an Andulcian Festival on Monday 28th February am I right and what does it entail.

I look so much to hearing from you.
All I can say is keep up the brilliant work as the whole website is brilliant a wealth of information. :)

Mike Drury said...

Hi Lisa

Thanks very much for for writing in and for your encouraging words!

I'll check on the Festival tomorrow and write back to you about getting to El Faro Inn also.

Best wishes


Mike Drury said...

Hi Lisa

If there are six of you travelling in a group then I suggest using the Malaga Airport to Marbella Bus Station shuttle bus service. The price is still around €4.50 one way and it will work out a lot cheaper than two hire cars or two taxis for the same journey. There is a reduced schedule during the winter months but it is still worth waiting for. You'll find the schedule on Gomarbella or just google it.

When you get to Marbella, take two taxis down the El Faro Inn. It's a very short ride and will be minimum fare, perhaps €7.00.

Yes, the Día de Andalucía is a very important holiday for us down here. Basically what is being celebrated is the seven provinces in the south of Spain, Huelva, Sevilla, Cordoba, Granada, Malaga and Cadiz being consolidated into the self governing region called Andalucia. This all happened back in 1981.

When I first got here in 1979, nearly all paperwork had to be sent to Madrid and it was all incredibly slow. Now, some permissions for property depend on from Seville but everything else is decided here in Malaga and Marbella.

In Marbella on the 28th of February, there has always been a Ruta de Tapas. (Tapas route...) In the old town which is only 10 minutes walk from El Faro Inn, you go from bar to bar, having one drink and a tapa to go with it! Things really get going around 2pm but feel free to start earlier.

If you see a crowded bar and you like the feel of it, just push in up to the counter and order. The Spanish like noise, standing close to each other and the bartenders will be more than happy to take your order. That is what Andalucia is all about, hospitality so don't stand back, get in there and have fun.

I checked on the calendar and this year Día de Andalucía is on Monday so no banks or shops will be open of course. If you are here before the weekend you will feel the holiday atmosphere building up from Friday onwards.

Don't hesitate to let know if I can help with any other ideas Lisa. Have a great stay!

Best wishes Mike

Lisa said...

Hi Mike
Thank you very very much for your help I am very grateful. We arrive on the Saturday and return back home on the Tuesday so we will definitely be checking out the festival.... Could I ask one more thing what would the weather be like at the end of February? Just so I know what to pack.... :) Im sure I will have some more questions for you later but again thanks soo much especially as we will be saving loads of euros by getting the bus.
Cheers Mike, Best Regards Lisa x

Mike Drury said...

Hi Lisa, I have just got back from a day's visit to Cordoba, two hours inland, where I really got caught out by the weather. We left at 7.15 this morning and I was just wearing my thin jersey which is normally enough for the Costa del Sol in winter.

Of course in Cordoba it was absolutely freezing and everyone was dressed in hats, scarves, gloves and jackets! I didn't even think of taking a jacket which I practically never wear on the coast.

At the end of February you might have northern Europeans sunbathing (behind wind shelters) on the beach in Marbella and others skiing in the Sierra Nevada only two hours away above Granada.

So bring something warm for the evenings but during the winter months Malaga is almost always a lot warmer than the UK. Pop in some slippers because El Faro Inn is more likely to have marble floors than carpets. Along the coast I never ever wear gloves or a jacket. My woolly hat I keep for visits to Battersea Park.

Remind me nearer the date and I'll tell you how the weather is shaping up!

Best wishes Lisa and keep in touch.


Anonymous said...

Does this restaurant in marbella still exists?

Mike Drury said...

Yes, very much so. It's the third day of Ramadan today so Al Manar closes between 4.30pm and 7pm and then are open till late. Mustapha's takeaways are good. I often pick up something for lunch there or eat in. It's often the only restaurant open in the area at certain times of the day.