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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Record Go Rent a Car Review Malaga

Betty rented two cars through Gomarbella in 2010 and wrote in to tell me about two different Gomarbella car hire experiences she had in 2010. I really appreciate getting this kind of feedback, whether positive or negative because I always pass it on to the company concerned. Here is the email I received:

Dear Mike

This email is long overdue but after two very different experiences using car rental search engine for our holidays last year, I thought it might be useful to tell you about them.

Here goes! I knew about the car rental search engine as someone had told me about the car hire section and so when planning our holiday in Spain I automatically used it to compare prices. In the end we didn’t fly to Malaga but went to Nice in France. Having seen that the car rentals were not confined to southern Spain, I went ahead and booked a car, the prices were very competitive and I took out extra insurance with Mondial Assistance as I always do. I received the confirmation minutes later by email and didn’t think anything more about it until a while later when we actually flew to France. Upon arrival we headed to Sixt. We waited about five minutes, were treated courteously and given an upgrade to a new clean automatic Mercedes B class. The whole process from booking to handing back the keys on departure could not have been smoother and easier.

I have sent you a picture of the Mercedes parked outside our holiday villa in Nice, it is a very neat little car and went really well.

Fast forward to 8 months later when I flew to Malaga during the summer of 2010 at quite short notice to visit a sick friend and needed a car for 3 days. I used to book it and as I was staying locally and not doing too much driving, I decided to take a small car in Group C. I completed the booking which was quick and easy.

When I got to Malaga I went to Record Go Rent a Car which was where I had to pick up the car. There were four queues of people waiting to collect keys. I eventually got to the desk which took about 20 minutes of waiting and began the very long walk to the end of the car park where I found my rental car. At first I thought there it was a mistake because it was so dirty both inside and outside with quite a few scratches (I always check before getting in a rental car!) Also it was a Hyundai Getz and I had booked a Category C car, Peugeot 207 or similar.

I put my luggage in the boot which I had to hold open because it didn’t stay open by itself, got in and found that there that the top of the gear stick indicating the gears was missing (which way was reverse?). I walked all the way back to Record Go rental desk to ask them if there had been some mistake in giving me a dirty scratched car and they assured me that no, this was indeed my rental car. I forget the price now but it was approximately 70€ for three days.

Oh yes, the best part is that I was parked near Puerto Banus and by mistake went to another dirty black Hyundai Getz which was parked two cars in front of mine. I opened the boot and saw a whole bunch of stuff which wasn’t mine! I got such a fright because I had managed to open someone else’s car with my key! I hurriedly shut the boot and walked the ten metres to my Record Go rental car!

Anyway I will continue to book cars with because the booking process is really so very easy and straightforward. When flying to Malaga next time, I will simply make sure not to take the smallest car category again! Thanks for all you do Mike to make travelling whether by bus or hire car easier for the rest of us!

I hope this is of interest to you because I remember you asked me for your feedback when I rented the cars.

Happy New Year to you and thank you for your help with the car rentals.



Mike Drury said...

Dear Betty, thank you very much for taking the time to write in and sharing your Gomarbella car rental experiences.

I'm glad your French car rental was so positive and that the booking process was so simple.

I'm going to take your Hyundai Getz car rental contract from last summer to the Record car hire company at Malaga airport and talk your situation through with them.

Depending on their response I may then contact the Cartrawler booking engine parent company and ask for their assistance. Their follow up is generally first class.

I want Gomarbella car rental clients to feel they are fully protected and supported so I really appreciate your feed back.

Best wishes from Marbella Betty and thank you for your continued confidence in Gomarbella.


Betty said...

Hi Mike

Thanks for your comments. I would be interested in finding out what Record Go have to say. I have read other reviews from people having been given dirty cars by Record Go rentacar.

Best wishes to you too!


sitifatin said...

I would like to know how to buy bus tickets return from malaga to la linea? can we buy online? I've tried before from the gomarbella website but something went wrong with it. Can we know how frequent the bus is? Is it always full?

Mike Drury said...

Hi Sitafin, the problem with online bus bookings from Malaga to La Linea is that this service is operated by the Portillo bus company and their bus services don't show up in my online booking service.

However if you go to you can your online booking.

There are five services from Monday to Friday from Malaga to La Linea and six services on a Sunday.

At the moment there should be no need to book in advance but I always prefer to have a ticket in my hand before I travel. Try the Avanza bus website and let me know if you have any problems. You might find La Linea listed as Concepcion La Linea.

Thanks for writing in and please let me know if I can help further.

Best wishes from Marbella


sitifatin said...

Hello there. I've already try to buy from the avanza website but it said "no hay servicios selecciona otros criterios de búsqueda"... do you have any other option how can we buy the ticket online?

Mike Drury said...

Hello Sitifatin

The online bus travel booking engines are sometimes not straightforward at all.

You may be wanting to book a route that is operated by a bus company that is not part of the Avanza group.

For example if you are wanting to travel off the main routes, then the smaller bus companies will definitely not be integrated into the booking engines. You would need to book a bus to the nearest main destination city using Avanza and then take your chances on a bus covering the routes to the local village or town that you want to get to. Normally there is no difficulty at all with buying a ticket from the bus station for this second and last leg of your journey.

Try also breaking your journey into two parts, look at a map for an intermediate city or town and see if you can book two journeys instead of one. It seems rather clumsy but it is a way of getting round the online bus reservations system which sometimes don't recognise the whole route.

If you write back to me with your route, I'll contact Avanza for you to see what the problem could be. I can do if for you tomorrow morning, that's Friday or from Tuesday morning onwards. It's not that I don't work at weekends, I'm travelling at the moment and will be home again tomorrow and then away till Tuesday.

Thank you very much for writing in Sifatel, I'll be pleased to help if you can let me know the complete route you need.

Best wishes


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike
I am coming out to the costa later on in March and want to book a rental car with you but am afraid that I will get landed with Record rentacar again! yikes... anyway to be sure of renting a car but not having to get it from them?
thanks alot - I have already checked on the prices on the car trawler and they are much better than anything I have found when I have compared directly with the car hire companies. (this time I didnt look for the cheapest but chose something in the vw golf category)

thanks in advance for any advice.
best regards

Mike Drury said...

Hello Betty, thank you very much for your continued confidence in Gomarbella Car Hire.

I'll get up to Record Rentacar on Thursday and speak to them about your booking. I've passed through Malaga airport a good number of times since you last wrote but always on the run.

I'll write back via the blog later on Thursday or Friday morning.

Car hire bookings are on the rise certainly at Malaga airport with the Libyan crisis so why don't you go ahead and book in the meantime and then let me know if you have any worries?

Thank you again for your contact on the blog Betty. Best wishes from Marbella.


Dee said...

Hi I was interested to read about Betty's experience with Recordgo, I have just returned from a trip to Alicante and had a similar experience. Long wait to be served over 1 hour, car was dirty both in and outside with scratches and dents on the body, missing windscreen wiper on rear window, parcel shelf broken and dirty seats. Also the car broke down twice whilst we were in Spain for the week. I have written a complaint to Record but going on the reaction I got from their staff at Alicante I don't hold out much joy of a response. The other thing which annoyed me was the fuel tank was only 3/4 full despite being charge for a full tank and this stupid policy of returning the car empty is frustrating, how can you return a car empty, unless you drive around the airport to drain the tank. Also its the first car I have hired that had over 55k on the clock. I understand how the cars can be cheap to rent they don't maintain or change them. I'm disappointed because historically they were a really good company, now sure what has gone wrong.


Mike Drury said...

Hello Dee and Betty, just to say that since before the summer of 2011, no more rentals have come through from Record Go Car Hire through the Gomarbella car hire search engine.

Record Go Car Hire must have lowered their prices to such an extent that when the bookings came flooding in, they were simply unable to keep up decent minimum standards.

From my experience car rental clients who go for good value low priced car hire deals are normally willing to queue to collect their car. They realise they will not be the only renters collecting their car rental bargains at the airport or point of arrival, but I do completely agree with you both, the car should be handed over clean, smelling good and in sound condition.

Dee you didn't say if you had booked through the Gomarbella Cartrawler engine, as Betty did, but I can reassure both of you, and anyone else looking for excellent value car rentals, that the next time you use Gomarbella to find your holiday car, it won't be Record Go Hire who responds.

Thank you both again for writing in and please be assured that the Gomarbella Cartrawler rental engine will always bring you one stop, great value, car hire rentals. You will automatically get the best deal available from over 500 car hire companies world wide, for the particular category of car you are looking for. Mike