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Monday, 17 January 2011

San Pedro Bus Station bus to Seville

A traveller to Seville wrote to me a few days ago.


I wrote back:

Yes you can book the trip to Sevilla up to six days in advance. The Avanza bus service leaves the Marbella bus station and then stops in San Pedro de Alcántara before climbing up through the hills to the Ronda bus station and finishing at the Prado de San Sebastian bus station in Sevilla

Right now the San Pedro bus station is just a small office on the bypass next to the big roundabout below San Pedro de Alcantara. It was moved out of San Pedro whilst the tunnel under San Pedro was being built. There is a permanent taxi rank right next to the roundabout.

To make a booking to go to Seville by bus or come back to the Costa del Sol you can go to the Marbella bus station ticket office: Tel: 952 36 01 91 or the ticket office in in San Pedro and buy the ticket up to 6 days before travelling. You will need to go to the bus stations because you have to buy the ticket at the same time as you do the reservation. 

I went to San Pedro de Alcántara and took this photo of the bus station and spoke to the girl in the office. She confirmed that bookings can be made in all directions from her little bus station. The San Pedro bypass runs from left to right in the photo. Up to the left is San Pedro and down to the right is the sea.

You can also do online bus ticket bookings for the the route from the Costa del Sol to Seville and back to the Coast with the Los Amarillos bus company using the Gomarbella online bus reservations page. 

In case you are taking the bus into San Pedro de Alcántara then check on this list of bus stops between Marbella bus station and Estepona bus station for the location of the San Pedro stop and bus schedules.

The definitive San Pedro de Alcántara bus station will be near the Marqués del Duero Avenue roundabout seen in the picture.


Maypay said...

Hi Mike, I just saw you on my blog. Thanks for joining . I will be down your way at the end of the month so thanks for all the info that you have on your site. I will have a read before I go.

Mike Drury said...

Hi Mary, you are welcome, thank you for visiting my blog!

The Parc de Mercantou looks a great place to walk.

Let me know if I can help you with your visit in any way and especially if you want to get into the mountains along the coast.

Best wishes from Marbella.


johntcroft said...

Hi Mike,
Tried to open your link to the list of bus stops between Marbella bus station and Estepona bus station, but it wouldn't work. I did see your excellent earlier (?) list with the warnings about the change of bus and walk in San Pedro because of the tunneling.
Is this still the case or is the tunnel suficiently finished to allow a bus trip from Marbella to Bena Vist without changing in San Pedro?
We will have come from the UK on the train to Malaga, then bus to Marbella, and will want to be getting to our destination with as little hassle as pos!
Many thanks and keep up the excellent work!

Mike Drury said...

Hi John

Thanks very much for writing in. I've just tried the page again and it worked OK. I took the opportunity of linking to this blog from the San Pedro stop listing on the page. Google it again asking for - List of bus stops between Marbella and Estepona.

Yes, the traffic is running very smoothly and there won't be any interruption to your bus service from Marbella all the way through to Bena Vista.

What an epic trip to come all the way from the UK by train! After the trip when you have a spare moment would you please write in and tell us about it?

Last tip, if you don't have to wait too long, try to get the Directo service from Malaga bus station to Marbella. It does not stop along the way and is quicker than the normal service stopping in Torremolinos and Fuengirola. You'll find those timings on the Gomarbella Costa del Sol bus timetables page.

Best wishes for your trip John and let me know if I can help at all with those last 80kms!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

My friend & I are planning a trip to Spain in mid-Jun. Since it's the 1st time for us visiting Spain,we need some expert like you to advise us. We'd like to visit the beautiful costal area & cities like Marbella. Looking at all your sharings in the Blog, it seems that taking a bus is a good way. So, we plan to visit Granada first & then take a bus to Marbella. But when I visited the bus company internet Avanzas, I can't find the bus tickets leaving from Granada to Marbella. I'm a bit lost with all those bus stops. Would you pls advise what'll be the bus stops I should book the bus ticket in order to leave from Granada to Marbella pls? Also, how long does it takes for such bus travel pls? Or it'll be easier to travel from Sevilla to other Costa Del Sol city?

Millions of thanks for your help!


Mike Drury said...

Hi Candy, thank you very much for writing in. I am sorry to have taken so long but I've been on my bike doing the Camino de Santiago in the north of Spain and it took longer than I thought!

This is the best link to use:

Copy and paste it into your browser and it will take you and from all the places you want to visit. The Avanza bus site is good for bus journeys along the coast but to go inland, the link above is the best.

Candy I'm away again for five days from today but when I get back, I will be more than happy to answer any questions. Plan your itinerary and then I'll be pleased to look at it and help you with any suggestions.

Best wishes from Marbella Mike

Unknown said...

Hello Mike,

We will be traveling to Spain in July and were wondering what is the best way to get from Granada to Marbella. It looks like there are no train routes, so we are looking into bus options. Which bus company do you recommend and which bus stations would we leaving from and arriving to? Can we purchase our tickets online and in advance?

Thank you very much!

Mike Drury said...

Hi Amira, thank you for writing in. It is possible to travel from Granada via Malaga to Fuengirola just before Marbella by train but this particular journey is simplest by bus.

You'll leave from the Granada bus station, stop at Malaga bus station to pick up and drop off passengers and then end your trip at the Marbella bus station.

The journey takes between 2h 45m and 3h 45m depending on which of the four daily buses you catch. The cost varies from €15,78 and €16.19 (2012).

You can book your seats online and bring the printout to show the driver. He may not even look at it! You usually get a choice of seats as well.

Copy this URL into your browser, check out the timetable: and make your booking.

The public transport system in Spain works very well. Just yesterday I came back from Cáceres to Seville by bus and then by train from Seville to Fuengirola where my wife picked me up. It was a very easy journey with minimum waiting around.

Oh Amira, you can normally only book 30 days ahead or at the beginning of the month you want to travel in. To check out the timetable in advance, use a date from next week for example.

Please let me know if can help with any other suggestions. Best wishes from Marbella for your journey. Mike