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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Shameless at Desvan Pub Puerto Banus

Meet the local Marbella rock group Shameless pounding out their rock n roll set at Desvan Pub in Puerto Banus on Saturday night.

I have to confess I had never been to Desvan Pub in Puerto Banus and had only a faint idea where it was. Not even the Desvan website gave its address, I guess that sort of detail isn't cool around the Marbella night life.

Anyway here's Desvan's address:

Desvan Pub
Second line Banus
Puerto Banus

Tel: 952 815 862 I hope the phone isn't in the bar, they'll never hear you.

Basically you come out of the Puerto Banus underground car park, walk through the middle entrance and turn first left. Desvan Pub is about 100 metres along on your left. Lovely Russian blondes will try to entice you into their night clubs and black suited bouncers will eyeball passersby. Peer into any cocktail lounge and you'll see long haired beauties draped carelessly across the leather seats with attentive young men clustered around. I did my best to look cool, as if I walked the walk every Saturday night.

Shameless were just setting up when we arrived. From left to right in the photo above that's Paul Cufflin on the guitar, José Petri on the harmonica, Steve Cameron lead singer and Wayne Chasan on the drums.

Riveting as the music was, I couldn't help watching as three large TV screens beamed out sports programmes and an ultra slim and very scantily clad disco dancer gyrated on the bar counter next to the windows.

I can recommend it as a good evening, great rock and roll music and the Shameless groupies were on form gyrating away just below the stage. Keep an eye on the Shameless Facebook page and you'll see they are performing again on the 1st of April. See you there?

Update: Shameless will be in action on March 1st at the Hard Rock orginal songs/band playoffs. See Wayne's comment below


Wayne chasan said...

Thank you Mike for that nice write up! Just one minor technical correction; our fans have always gone by the moniker of "Shameless Hussies" instead of Shameless groupies... And proud of it! Hope to see you all there April 1st at 22:30... Wayne Chasan

Mike Drury said...

Hi Wayne, thank you for putting me right. What was I doing calling these girls groupies? The Shameless Hussies have got style and aren't afraid to show it! See you at the next gig and thanks again. Mike

Cheryl Gatward said...

Wayne - aren't you performing at Hard Rock Cafe on Tuesday March 1st??

Wayne Chasan said...

Hi Cheryl, Mike- Yes, actually we are in the Hard Rock orginal songs/band playoffs... three bands play on March 1st starting 21:30 till 23:00, I'm not sure which order we're on. Please join us there too... it's different from the two hour long bar gigs of nonstop R&R & R&B covers. At Hard Rock we'll do all originals + 1 cover. Besos-

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike
Please can you tell me how we get from Malaga airport to Puerto Duquesa avoiding taxi's.

Kind regards

Mike Drury said...

Hi Ruth

Thanks very much for writing in.

Take the airport express service to Marbella and then at Marbella bus station take the bus to Estepona. The buses to Estepona from Marbella run every 30 minutes.

From Estepona you will take a local bus which will trundle out from Estepona bus station as far as Puerto Duquesa.

If you use the search box at the top of this page and type in your keywords,you'll find all three timetables for the routes mentioned above. "Estepona local buses" will give you the timings and route for the bus out to Duquesa.

I hope that this helps you Ruth, please let me know if you have any questions.

Best wishes from Marbella


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike seems a bit long winded would it be cheaper to get a transfer or taxi to Duquesa we are 4 adults 4 cases & 2 golf bags and would we get everything in one taxi?

Kind regards

Mike Drury said...

Hi Ruth

I agree with you totally about making things a bit simpler. Not knowing your budget I suggested the cheapest method. Transfers work out rather expensive in my experience.

A very cost/time effective way of getting to Puerto Duquesa is to take the Malaga airport bus to the Marbella bus station. Some of these services during the day actually continue on to Estepona. If you don't coincide with a through service,there are certainly interurban buses from Marbella to Estepona twice an hour during most of the day.

I have just phoned the Marbella taxi company Tel: + 34 95277 44 88 and from the Marbella bus station to Puerto Duquesa during the day a taxi will cost €44 and after 10pm it will be €52. Probably around €52 over the weekend also.

I then phoned the Estepona Taxi company Tel: + 34 95280 29 00 and the girl said a taxi from the Estepona bus station to Puerto Duquesa will cost €17 during the day and after 10pm it'll be €20 and over the weekends it'll be €20.

Does that help you to make a decision based on those costs?

Taxis take four passengers and the two golf clubs should go in as well. If the first taxi can't do it, look along the line of taxis for a larger one but I think any taxi will be glad of your business. There are taxi ranks outside both bus stations.

Ruth if your party can't wait to get onto the golf links, then I would guess that a taxi from Malaga airport to Puerto Duquesa will cost around €90. Prices are fixed in a book that every driver carries so you can consult the price with him before getting in.

I'm glad your holiday is getting closer, have a fantastic trip!

Best wishes from Marbella Mike