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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Teatro de Cervantes Theatre in Malaga

Last Tuesday evening we went up to Malaga to the Teatro de Cervantes to see one of my favourite musicals, Chicago. I wasn't disappointed, the choreography was exceptionally creative, the dancers were excellent and the girls were extraordinarily leggy.

I booked the tickets through the Teatro de Cervante's website, The seating plan is clear and easy to use. With seats quickly selling out I was lucky to get two tickets on the first floor, Box 9 seats 3 and 4. As the usher took us in, my wife said "We haven't got a box have we?", I was pleased to reply that we did.

We actually shared our box with a young couple who were in seats 1 and 2 right on the balcony wall just in front of our
two raised seats. I enjoyed our position because I could get up and stand and move around and enjoy the extra space of the curtained coat area just behind us. Seats 1 and 2 in any of the boxes will give you an unobstructed view of the stage and of course the nearer you are to the stage in the Cervantes theatre, the better the sound is.

After booking online for the Teatro de Cervantes tickets you can retrieve your entrance tickets at any branch of Unicaja, just remember to use the same credit card that you used to book the seats or you can take your printed confirmation of booking page to the theatre and collect the tickets from the box office window outside before going in.

The Teatro de Cervantes theatre has a gracious and comfortable feel to it. It's curtained and carpeted, there are lots of ushers and a good number of bars on different floors for an unhurried drink. To go outside at the interval just collect an exit pass as you leave. Right outside the door was a vendor selling warm salted almonds in paper cones which we took back into our box to munch on during the second half.

The address of the Teatro de Cervantes is:

Teatro de Cervantes
Calle Ramos de Marín s/n
29012 Málaga

Telephone: 952 224 109

We parked in the underground public parking near the Port and it only took 10 minutes to walk from there to the theatre.

Parking Plaza de la Marina 4
29015 Malaga

If you are coming up to Malaga on the Fuengirola to Malaga train station get out at the end of the line at the Málaga-Centro-Alameda train station, just after the main Maria Zambrano train station. Take the exit to Calle Alemania del Ensanche Heredia on the other side of the Guadalmedina River. The tunnel goes under the river which is dry for most of the year!

I would estimate a 20
minute walk to the Teatro de Cervantes theatre from the train.

If you print off a Google street plan before you go, remember that the streets in the centre of Malaga are a lot closer to each other than they appear on the map so it is actually quite quick to get from one place to another.

With lots of inviting and very reasonably priced restaurants all around the theatre and in the centre of Malaga, you can have a really good evening out at the Malaga Teatro de Cervantes.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike. Just came across your site and would be interested in you thoughts - I'm arriving in Malaga next week and staying in Manilva for 4 days before returning to Malaga for a weeks cruise. I'm planning to hire a car as it seems the best option to get to/from Manilva - would you agree? I've read some unfavourable comments about car hire in Malaga airport - are these unfounded in your view? Would apprciate your thoughts. Tim

Mike Drury said...

Hi Tim

Thank you very much for writing in. In answer to your first question, yes, a car will be the most convenient way of getting to Manilva. It's slightly off the beaten track and at worst you could need up to three changes of buses to get there; one to get to Marbella, the next bus to Estepona and the last one to Manilva itself.

Getting from Manilva to Malaga by bus to pick up your cruise, from Estepona you would bus all the way to Malaga bus station, taking the direct service if possible to avoid intermediate stops, then a taxi for the short distance from the bus station to the port.

Do you know that I have only had I think at the most, two complaints about car rentals from Malaga airport in the last few years? Obviously though there must have been some problems which car renters did not bother to write in about afterwards.

The Gomarbella Cartrawler search engine will look for the best deal for the size of the car you need. It's one stop shopping at its best. If you take a small economy car, one that is probably reserved by lots of other travellers and if your flight is at a peak arrival time, then inevitably you will have a wait of perhaps up to 30 minutes at the car collection counter. You are simply coinciding with a good number of like minded travellers.

If you have to wait, (and you may not) you can always focus on the fact that you have got a really good deal without having had to agonise between different offers from other car rental companies. With your mind at rest you can start thinking about the drive to Manilva.

My best advice here is to take the toll road before Marbella, hang left when you see the AP7 sign as you come down the mountain behind Torremolinos, look for PEAJE on the road, there are two exit lanes and then take the toll road again from Marbella to Estepona, keep left again when you pick up the toll road signs, blue AP7 signs. Finally on the far side of Estepona, keeping left, take the toll road again for the short distance to the Manilva exit. At the extortionate summer toll road prices the three tolls will add another €12 to your journey. I nearly always use the toll roads, it's driving to stay alive. On your way back to drop off the car at the airport, once you are adjusted to the heat and roads, try a couple of stretches of the coastal A7 road if you would prefer to save that money.

A7 is the busy coastal road. AP7 is the inland toll road. The P stands for Peaje. (Toll road)

From Malaga airport after dropping off your car, take the C1 train to the Maria Zambrano train station. The trains leave at 3 and 33 minutes past the hour for the 13 minute journey. From Malaga train station take a minimum fare taxi to the port. (Less than €6)

Tim whatever you decide to do, have a fantastic holiday and if you have time when you get back, please send a one liner to say how things worked out.

Best wishes from Marbella