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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Sierra Nevada Opening!

On the 26th of November Sierra Nevada is opening its slopes, I can't wait! I didn't believe my boyfriend Dani when he called me on the way to Malaga to report that he could see a snowy tipped Sierra Nevada. I quickly checked it out on their website, where you can indeed see it covered in snow via their webcam, check it out here.

For those of you who don't know, as well as beautiful weather, beach, and a great nightlife we sun worshipers can also enjoy a winter wonderland a mer two and a half hour drive away! Driving past Malaga, onwards to Granada and then watch out for the exit to Sierra Nevada! Most of the time you won't need chains on your wheels when driving up the mountain, however keep an eye on the weather forecast on the off chance that you might need them during the months of January and February.

From the 26th of November till the 2nd of December the daily ski passes for adults (forfaits) will cost you only 36Euros, from the 3rd of Dec to the 23rd of Dec they cost 40Euros (low season) and then from the 24th of Dec to the 8th of Jan, which is high season, they go up to 44Euros. During January, February and March the prices waver between high and low season so make sure to check that out in advance.

I'll keep you all updated on where to eat, stay, and where to rent you gear once I get up there! Watch this space...


marq582 said...

Hi Mike, my wife and I will be in Fuengirola from May 11 to 16. We plan to take whole-day tours (leave am, return pm) of Granada, Seville and Gibraltar. Can you recommend a tour company? Thanks.

Mike Drury said...

Hi Marq, Thank you very much for writing in. I always recommend Viajes Valemar in the main street in Marbella. I use them for any bookings which I can't do myself. They organise all the tours you want. When you book, tell Leo of Viajes Valemar whereabouts in Fuengirola you are staying and she'll tell you the nearest pick up point is.

Here's her email address: Leonor del Toro

Normally if you tell her you are booking through Gomarbella she'll know you are a serious traveller and won't ask you for a deposit so you'll pay the full amount on the bus. Things might have changed but she'll tell you. I hope that helps you Marq and please write in if I can help you in any other way. Best wishes Mike