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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Holiday Taxis or Taxi Transfer from Malaga Airport

Just before switching off my computer on Sunday night an email came in, "Question about Malaga Airport Transfer." Gail from Vancouver had booked a taxi transfer to Fuengirola, paid the deposit and been given a booking number. When she tried to phone the number given, it was out of service and no one was answering her emails. She was leaving to go the airport at 6am the next morning. Vancouver is 9 hours behind Spain so I could reply to Gail and still have time to check in the morning and contact her again before she left Canada.

Gomarbella offers a transfer service from Malaga airport through Holiday Taxis based in the UK and I was so anxious that Gail should start her holiday in Malaga by being met correctly at Malaga airport by the taxi transfer service that I didn't spot in her email she had called her company 'Taxi Transfer.' I had no notification of anyone booking a transfer for Tuesday 24th. I was concerned that the phone number Gail had received was wrong and nobody had answered her emails and I replied to her immediately promising to check for her, copying our email to the Gomarbella associate 'Holiday Taxis'. She wrote back immediately saying how relieved she was that I had replied and thanking me for my promise of help.

At 9am on Monday, 8am in the UK, with still some hours to go before Gail flew out of Vancouver, I phoned Holiday Taxis in Brighton and explained to Katia who answered my call, what had happened. She had no record of a booking on her system under Gail's name but spotted in my email from the previous evening that Gail had mentioned Taxi Transfers whereas our association was Holiday Taxis!

Problem solved! I wrote back to Gail in Canada, who was hopefully still asleep, pointing this out to her. A couple of hours later on Monday morning, I got an email from Gail thanking me for my emails and promise of help. Just before she flew out she had received a confirmation from her company saying she would be met at Malaga airport. Gail had also visited the Gomarbella website and liked it. Hopefully the next time she flies, she will use our holiday taxi transfer service!

Later that morning I got another call from Holiday Taxis who work with Gomarbella.They were checking that everything had worked out smoothly for Gail. I appreciated the fact that I was able to communicate easily with them, my emails were answered promptly and I had no difficulty in calling them by phone. As I write, Gail will be at Malaga airport collecting her luggage. Have a great holiday Gail!

PS: You'll find the Holiday Taxi booking form on any page on the site just above the car rental booking form.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike
Please can you help me - myself and my husband will be flying to Malaga from Ireland in May for a week - we planned to stay in Benalmadena for a few days - then we have to travel to Chiclana de la Frontera (near Cadiz?)for another few days - I haven't priced taxis, but would you advise me on buses - we will be flying home from Malaga.
Many Many Thanks for any help you can give me - gomarbella is a great site!

Mike Drury said...

Thank you very much for your kind words, you are very welcome to any help I can give you. Chiclana in May will be magnificent!

The bus route from the province of Malaga to Cadiz city (Chiclana is two stops before) is operated by the Comes bus group, based in Cadiz. From Benalmadena you would need to pick up the Comes bus in Torremolinos or in Fuengirola. You could use the C1 train from Arroyo de la Miel / Benalmadena to get to Fuengirola, there are three trains every hour or depending on where you are in Benalmadena it might also just be quicker and easier to get a local taxi to the Torremolinos bus station. gives you the Comes bus timetable from Malaga to Cadiz. (Chiclana is two stops before Cadiz.)

I'll pop the train timetable in here also: gives you the timetable for the return route from Cadiz capital through to Malaga stopping en route in Chiclana.

You can book and buy your tickets in advance through the Comes site, but you'll have to wait until April to do it as you can only book a month ahead.

When you have your plans a little more in place, write back to me and I'll help you fine tune your travel, Malaga airport to Benalmadena and so on, actually that's easy! The train is best from Malaga airport to Benalmadena.

Best wishes and thanks again for writing in. I hope this gives you a start. Mike

Anonymous said...

Well Mike You are a star!
Thanks so much.
Yes I had intended to get the train from the airport to Benalmadena as I have heard it is quite easy and cheap!
No doubt I will be contacting you again Mike!
Thanks again.

Mike Drury said...

Anytime! Thank you very much for writing back, Mike

Gavin said...

Hi Mike
Can you help?
I'm coming to Marbella on this Thursday, 2nd Feb. I get the bus from Malaga airport to the Marbella bus station, but can you help me from there onwards. I need to get to C/ José Meliá, but I cant work out if there is a bus from the bus routes on this site. Would be best to get a taxi, bus or just walk it?

I've only got hand luggage and arrive/depart during daylight hours!

Hope you can help

Anonymous said...

Can you please help us with travel from Malaga airport to gibraltor - here are out flight details

we dont want to pay a fotune for taxi as only two of us and wondered if we could take the bus

From Edinburgh (EDI) to Malaga (AGP)
Thu, 01Mar12 Flight FR6652 Depart EDI at 15:35 and arrive AGP at 19:50
From Malaga (AGP) to Edinburgh (EDI)
Tue, 06Mar12 Flight FR6653 Depart AGP at 20:25 and arrive EDI at 22:40

my email is

Mike Drury said...

Hi Gavin

Thanks for writing in again. I did quite a long reply to you last week. I'm not on my home computer right now otherwise I could find my answer and resend it.

The short answer is: Take a taxi. Don't bother with the bus, walking it would be quicker than waiting for the bus. It will be a minimum taxi fare, around €6. It's not far from the bus station at all.

With all the money you have saved by using the airport bus, treat yourself to a taxi! There is a taxi rank right outside the bus station in Marbella.

I'm sorry you didn't get my last reply Gavin, hope you get this one! Best wishes Mike

Gavin said...

Hi Mike,
Thanks very much for your second reply, not sure what happened to the first one!

I'll take your advice and get a taxi, you're right 6 euro isnt going to blow the budget.

Great website by the way,
Keep up the good work

Mike Drury said...

Hi Gavin, thanks for writing back. Yes, not sure where my first answer went but as I said, a taxi is the way to go. Have a great trip! Mike

Mike Drury said...

This is for Jak who wrote in a few comments above:

Hi Jak, thank you very much for your message, I was travelling when you wrote in. I have checked on the timetable and I'm afraid you are out of luck with your arrival time.

From Malaga airport it is a 30 minute journey to Malaga bus station (two buses every hour) and you will see that the last bus from Malaga bus station to La Linea bus station next to the Gibraltar border, (look for Linea de la Concepcion, La) leaves at round 16.30.

I also looked at buses from Malaga bus station to Cadiz because this bus stops in Algeciras, just beyond La Linea and you could have got a taxi from Algeciras back to Linea but the last bus of the day to Cadiz leaves Malaga bus station at 20.00 and you would not get to Malaga bus station in time after waiting to collect your luggage.

I think your best option will be to take the Malaga airport to Marbella bus station shuttle bus: see for the timetable and then take a taxi to La Linea from there. You'll be catching the 20.15 bus from the airport all being well and you'll get to Marbella at 20.55.

I've just phoned the Marbella taxi company and a taxi from Marbella bus station to La Linea will cost
€70 on a weekday before 10pm and €94 after 10pm or over a weekend. Does this fit your budget? It's a
lot cheaper than a taxi from the airport which will be over €100.

If you are not in a hurry to get to Gibraltar, you could have a night in Marbella and then continue your journey the next day on the bus and it would still work out cheaper than using a taxi.

The good news is that on your way back to the airport, you can use buses all the way. Do the journey in reverse and take the bus from La Linea to Marbella bus station and then the shuttle bus to the airport and you will arrive in good time for your evening flight.

Please write back if you have any doubts and if a night in Marbella sounds attractive, I'll recommend
you a really good economical hotel.

Thanks again for writing in, I do hope this helps you.


val1234 said...

Hi Mike,

I am planning a cheap and cheerful holiday to Spain from the UK.
I will be traveling to Mijas Golf, Calle Suiza from Malaga Airport and from the useful information on your website, I have discovered the shuttle bus services from the airport. The only problem is, I am unsure which bus will take me closest to my destination. Please can you help me?!

Many thanks in advanced

Kind regards


Mike Drury said...

Hi Valentina, that's a really good question.

Mijas Calahonda is further along the A7 coast road towards Marbella and inland, Mijas Village is up the mountain behind Fuengirola and Mijas Costa is the area west of Fuengirola along the coast towards Marbella as far as Calahonda.

Calle Suiza in Mijas Golf is just off the AP7 (toll road) but is really only accessible from the Fuengirola town area and although it is in the Mijas area, cannot really be described as Mijas Costa because it is so far inland.

I would select the Fuengirola shuttle service. There are two options, one is Fuengirola Carvajal and the other is simply Fuengirola, choose that last option.

When I see your booking come through I'll check with Holiday Taxis to make sure they get you to your destination. Thanks very much for writing in Valentina, you had me reaching for my maps!

Best wishes from Marbella Mike

val1234 said...

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your quick reply!

You are right, Fuengirola is very close to Mijas Golf. I will get a shuttle bus or train to Fuengirola and get a taxi from there to my destination. You have been very helpful, I probably would have taken the shuttle all the way to Marbella, Thanks again!!

Mike Drury said...

Great Val, it looks as if you have it all worked out. Train to Fuengirola followed by a taxi from the taxi rank outside the train station will be the cheapest option.

A taxi from the airport or transfer is good if you don't want to do any more thinking after picking up your luggage.

Thank you for writing back, have a fantastic trip. Best wishes Mike

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike - I'm the lady coming in May, making our way to Chiclana de la Frontera - we were thinking of staying in Benalmadena but have changed our minds and have decided on Torremolinos for maybe 3 nights, as we want something near the airport so as not to waste any time! and also near the bus station in Torremolinos for the journey to Chiclana.
I have been looking at accomodation "Buensol" apartments - "El Tiburon" Hotel "Flamingo" Hotel and "El Pinar" Hotel the Buensol apartments seem nice - do you know anything about these places Mike - and how much do you think it would cost by taxi from the airport.
Many Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike

I’m the lady travelling to Chiclana de la Frontera in May.
I posted you something a few days ago (but I’m not sure if I sent it correctly!) it was regarding a few accommodations in Torremolinos.
I did originally say that we might stay in Benalmadena for a few nights, but I was thinking maybe it would be better to stay in Torremolinos, as it’s nearer Malaga Airport (train) and it would be more convenient for Torremolinos Bus Station to get the bus to Chiclana.
What I meant to ask you Mike was is there any route (bus or train or both!) to Arcos de la Frontera as that is where the wedding is that we are going to, the only reason I chose Chiclana, is a friend had suggested we stay there, and that it was near Arcos, but I believe it’s about 33 miles from Arcos, so I was thinking we may as well just go straight to Arcos from Torremolinos (so sorry if it all sounds complicated!)

Thanks again Mike for all your help.

Mike Drury said...

Hi Cathy, sorry not to have put this up before, it slipped down my inbox.

I don't know the hotels or apartments you mentioned but I suggest you check them on Tripadvisor.

The taxi from the airport to the apartment or hotel in Torremolinos will be less than €15 during the day perhaps a little more over the weekends but it will be the quickest and easiest way to get there.

You could also take a train from the airport train station to Torremolinos and then a taxi from Torremolinos train station to your hotel, but I recommend just getting into a taxi at the airport and going straight there.

Let me get onto finding out about the bus to Arcos, won't be long!

Mike Drury said...

Hi Cathy, I'm looking at the possibility of a bus from Torremolinos to Cadiz main bus station and then a taxi from there to Arcos de la Frontera. It's a good decision to stay in Torremolinos because the bus for Cadiz leaves early in the morning.

The bus from Torremolinos leaves at 07.50 and arrives in Cadiz at 13.05. Cost €25.75. The only bus I can find from Cadiz to Arcos leaves at 11.00 and arrives at 12.20 but this is too early for your 13.05 arrival in Cadiz.

Check this first journey on The schedule remains the same whether it is a weekday or weekend. You can book in advance online as well.

Would your Arcos friend know the cost of a taxi from Cadiz? Could you divide this cost between you and your companions?

Cathy let me know how the above seems to you. It's not the most direct route but you'll enjoy the journey!

Best wishes


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your help Mike - yes I will look into Chiclana to Arcos re taxis - What I want to ask is there any TRAIN that would take us from Torremolinos or even Malaga to Chiclana or Cadiz, just want to see if would be any quicker.

Many Thanks

Anonymous said...

Meant to say mike the bus time from Cadiz to Arcos is fine as we won't be travelling up until the Sunday - so thats good really - how long does it take?


Mike Drury said...

Hi Cathy, sorry about the delay in replying. The bus journey from Cadiz to Arcos de la Frontera takes 1 hour 30 minutes. There are four services on weekdays and only one on a Sunday. You can check the times here on the Gomarbella online booking system. Just copy and paste this link into your browser.

Put Cadiz in the first box and Arcos de la Frontera in the second box and select your day of travel. If you book online, you can print off your booking confirmation and then take it to the bus station.

Hope that helps and I'm not too late. I came back along the road from Seville to the coast on Sunday, coming back from Portugal and passed the Arcos turn off. The country is still looking very green despite so little rain. Have a great time and feel free to ask any questions. Best wishes Mike

Anonymous said...

HI Mike-

Thank you for your wonderful blog and helpful and informative!

We will be traveling to Marbella in May. We plan on hiring a car and driving to Marbella. We are staying at the Melia Marbella Banus for several days. We are then checking out of that hotel and going to Benahavis and staying at The Hotel Amanhavis for a wedding. We were advised by the bride and groom to take a taxi to this hotel as it can be tricky to find and parking is limited. The next day we need to get back to the malaga train station.

Do you know if there is a safe place to park our hired car overnight in the marbella/p. banus area? Or does is make more sense to return our hired car in marbella and take a bus to the malaga train station? Do buses run to the train station from Marbella?

Also, we plan to drive to La Linea and then park there and walk across the border to Gibraltor. Is there a place to park for the day? Can we walk across the border crossing?

thanks in advance for your assistance and input.

thanks in advance for your questions.

Mike Drury said...

Hi Kristin

That's an interesting holiday coming up, it sounds just the kind of thing my wife and I do.

About your stay in Benahavis. If it suits you to keep the car then it's not that difficult to find parking in Benahavis. You could drive close to the hotel, one of you pulls the suitcases to the hotel and the other parks the car back on the long approach road to the village or on one of the side streets, a bit out of the centre. Distances are small in Benahavis.

It is difficult to find parking in Puerto Banus. Everything is geared to visitors using the paid underground parking garage. If you do find a spare parking place in one of the streets, (please tell me about it) then your car will be quite safe overnight.

Put it this way, taking 10 extra minutes to find a parking place in Benahavis outweighs the cost of a taxi from Puerto Banus and back and the cost of an overnight stay for the car in the big underground pay parking garage. Perhaps your hotel could offer the car an extra night's stay?

About returning your car at Malaga train station, I have just double checked on the Gomarbella booking engine and you get a choice of picking up or returning a car at Malaga airport or Malaga train station or returning it in Marbella Downtown or Marbella Banus Neuva (Puerto Banus). A GPS will make getting a car back to Malaga train station a lot easier if you decide to drive there.

About using a bus to get to Malaga train station, yes, all the buses to Malaga from Marbella end up at Malaga bus station right next to the train station.

You might decide to return your car a couple of days early in Puerto Banus after first getting all your car travelling out of the way. With the money you save on car hire, take a taxi to Benahavis, then after the wedding, for your return to Malaga, take a taxi from Benhavis to the Marbella bus station and from there take the bus to Fuengirola bus station which is right next to the Fuengirola train station. There are two buses every hour.

Better still, take a taxi all the way to Fuengirola train station and then take the C1 train all the way to Malaga train station. Don't even look at the train schedule, there are three trains every hour and it takes 45minutes. You'll come up cool, smiling and relaxed right onto the Malaga Maria Zambrano train station platform.

About visiting Gibraltar, my wife and I popped into La Linea on the way back from Los Barrios on Saturday and I had a look around the parking garage which I've used many times before. I'll do the next blog on parking in La Linea and dedicate it to you! Check back for that information in a couple of days Kristin. I hope this helps you, don't hesitate to ask any questions. Best wishes from Marbella, Mike

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,
We're a family of four, children 11 & 7, arriving at Malaga airport at 1115 on the 30th July and can't decide how to get to our final destination of Villacana Resort South. We don't really know whats best and don't mind attempting anything.

Regards "The Coolings"

Mike Drury said...

Good afternoon The Coolings

Thank you very much for writing in. The most economical way and also very practical, is to first take the Malaga airport bus to Marbella. It has a regular timetable which you can find on Put in Malaga Aeropuerto as your Origen and Marbella as your Destino. You probably won't make the 11.30 bus but the next one is at 12.30. Get your tickets from the ticket office just outside the Arrivals door, then go back inside the building where it will be cooler to wait. If you click on the link next to the time, you'll see the Tarifas Especiales - Special Fares. Say that you are a family and it will cost the four of you just over €25 in total to get as far as Marbella.

From Marbella bus station take the next bus to Estepona. Check that timetable again on the Avanza bus site. It look as if you will need to wait until 14.40 but I'm sure there is a bus not shown which will coincide with your arrival at Marbella bus station.

When you get your tickets inside the bus station ask for Atalaya. This is the name of your bus stop on the Marbella to Estepona route. For another €16 you can get everyone to Villacana.

Here is a link to a list of all the bus stops between Marbella and Estepona.

You'll find the Villacana bus stop.

Before the end of July, I'll go down and check out the distance again between the bus stop and the Villacana resort and I'll give you a description with a couple of photos and you can make up your minds if the children will be up to that last walk of about 500m. If not, then you can get off the bus at the earlier San Pedro bus stop and take a taxi to Villacana. If it's a very hot day and the children are tired, you might just want to do this. If things are beginning to unravel by the time you get to Marbella, then take a taxi from there instead of the bus. If the normal day time taxi fare is around €60 to Marbella, you will already have saved €60 less €25 = €35 which will cover the fare from Marbella to Villacana.

With those two baleout options you can look forward to an enjoyable trip. Contact me on Facebook or back on this page in a couple of weeks and I'll have the full story for you.

Thanks again for writing in, I hope this helps, best wishes from Marbella Mike