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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Holiday Taxis or Taxi Transfer from Malaga Airport

Just before switching off my computer on Sunday night an email came in, "Question about Malaga Airport Transfer." Gail from Vancouver had booked a taxi transfer to Fuengirola, paid the deposit and been given a booking number. When she tried to phone the number given, it was out of service and no one was answering her emails. She was leaving to go the airport at 6am the next morning. Vancouver is 9 hours behind Spain so I could reply to Gail and still have time to check in the morning and contact her again before she left Canada.

Gomarbella offers a transfer service from Malaga airport through Holiday Taxis based in the UK and I was so anxious that Gail should start her holiday in Malaga by being met correctly at Malaga airport by the taxi transfer service that I didn't spot in her email she had called her company 'Taxi Transfer.' I had no notification of anyone booking a transfer for Tuesday 24th. I was concerned that the phone number Gail had received was wrong and nobody had answered her emails and I replied to her immediately promising to check for her, copying our email to the Gomarbella associate 'Holiday Taxis'. She wrote back immediately saying how relieved she was that I had replied and thanking me for my promise of help.

At 9am on Monday, 8am in the UK, with still some hours to go before Gail flew out of Vancouver, I phoned Holiday Taxis in Brighton and explained to Katia who answered my call, what had happened. She had no record of a booking on her system under Gail's name but spotted in my email from the previous evening that Gail had mentioned Taxi Transfers whereas our association was Holiday Taxis!

Problem solved! I wrote back to Gail in Canada, who was hopefully still asleep, pointing this out to her. A couple of hours later on Monday morning, I got an email from Gail thanking me for my emails and promise of help. Just before she flew out she had received a confirmation from her company saying she would be met at Malaga airport. Gail had also visited the Gomarbella website and liked it. Hopefully the next time she flies, she will use our holiday taxi transfer service!

Later that morning I got another call from Holiday Taxis who work with Gomarbella.They were checking that everything had worked out smoothly for Gail. I appreciated the fact that I was able to communicate easily with them, my emails were answered promptly and I had no difficulty in calling them by phone. As I write, Gail will be at Malaga airport collecting her luggage. Have a great holiday Gail!

PS: You'll find the Holiday Taxi booking form on any page on the site just above the car rental booking form.